Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pleasure bound

My instructions for the evening were to arrive no later than 7pm. My nerves were in tatters, I couldn't eat my dinner, the thought of what was to happen, and woe be tide me if I was late.
The traffic was lousy, I was watching the clock every step of the way. This was my first visit so I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself into. My stomach muscles ached. As I drove up the gravel drive, the tyres crunching on the stones. I pulled to a stop. The house appeared to be in total darkness, my nerves now in total tatters. My groin throbbed, as I opened the car door, turned to pull myself out of the car, swung my legs around, the tight fabric of my jeans caught the tender flesh of my clit sending wondrous sensations rippling through my body; i bit down on my lip, inhaled sharply. The time was getting ever closer. My hand shook as I pressed the door bell, my mouth was dry. I waited. It seemed like an eternity before some one came to open the front door. A man dressed in what appeared to be a maids outfit, answered the door. " come in and stand there." pointing to a chair just a few feet inside the entrance. He disappeared into a room. I was left standing there, not knowing what t do next. My eyes surveyed the intricate wood work of the furniture surrounding me. The door from where this 'maid' had gone, returned
looking rather flushed, red in the face. He hurried towards me. " Go through that door, she's waiting for you." I pushed the door open and walked nervously into the semi darkened room. My eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room. I kept my eyes low, watching my every step, my nerves getting the better of me. "You come here to serve me? " " Why are you still dressed?"
I stuttered, not knowing what to say, feeling terribly guilty of my crime, I lowered my head further to the floor. " Go out , undress then come back in and kneel before your Mistress."
"Yes?" ..." Yes what? " she scowled at me... standing there before this woman who was from what I could see, was dressed in a black basque, high heeled thigh length boots; and she wasn't smiling!
I hurried out from whence I came, unbuttoning my jeans as I walked quickly toward the door.
I couldn't get undressed fast enough. My hands were trembling so much it made my task almost impossible. Stark naked I hurried back into the room. My nipples standing to attention, a certain excited dampness between my legs. My mouth was dry, my palms, sweaty.
I was ordered to sit down in front of her, to lick her thigh length boots from the heel to the top, whilst keeping my hands behind my back. I'd never done this kind of thing before, but I soon got the hang of it. My nerves had settled down, my sex twitching for attention, my nipples hungry for a hot mouth. When I'd licked one boot I was given the same order for the other one. My tongue became permanently fixed to the smooth sensuous black leather, its intoxicating scent hypnotising me. My head, full of images of lust and desire. After what seemed for ever, my Mistress got up to admire her new found slave...ME! I was to do every thing I was ordered with out any protests, otherwise I would be punished! My mind went blank, my eyes started to fill with tears. I was led from the lounge out into the cold hall way and into the dining room; where upon I was to lie face down on this rather long cold wooden table. My skin shuddered with every naked inch that came into contact with it. My body was covered in goose bumps, I'd started to shake again. A blind fold was forced over my eyes, so plunged into darkness. My hearing became my every sense. I could feel the touch of what I could only describe as rope, slither across my ankles. Noises of feet against stone floors echoed in the next room. A hint of music fluttered through the air; Low tempo with an electric violin's ghostly haunt. I tried to relax but I was so cold and some what frightened, but not frightened.. excited and ready for some heat. That is exactly what I got. The smell of a lit match, the sound of it being struck, the crackling of the fire melting the wax candle.... the scent of vanilla. Then as the music changed, so did the tempo of ... " ouch "... the riding crop;it stung as it bit into my arse cheeks, I flinched, biting down on my mouth. Pulling on the rope, protesting. My screams were soon drowned out by a gag and ball pushed into my mouth.. some medieval contraption. Forcing my head up into an uncomfortable position, slobber dribbling from the corners of my mouth. "Struggle and you will receive ten more strokes, stay still and I will soon be finished. " My new found Mistress playing her part to the full... showing no mercy. Flesh with raised welts covering my arse, the warmth replaced by heat. Her hand stroking the end result of her handy work. Soon I was to be released from my restraints, led back into the lounge, where upon a log fire had been lit. The carpet felt like sandpaper on my bum, my legs ached, my ankles scared with the marks from the rope. My Mistress bent down and kissed me on my lips, pinching my right nipple, then stroking my face. The blind fold was removed and for the first time that evening I saw my Mistress.
Pain was some thing I learned to deal with, but for my discipline, I was to receive much pleasure.
That evening was the beginning of a very special relationship. I learned to except pain like never before. The more I got, the more I wanted.


nitebyrd said...

Well, I know what you've been thinking when you're out there running! LOL Keep running, hun, because that is one sexy story!

Indigo said...

Thank you nitebyrd.. I love my running, it gets me all hot n sweaty n tingly & that's just for starters..!!