Saturday, 12 April 2008


With special care and attention and with a steady hand, I crack the ice bag which causes an interaction. With a couple of quick shakes, eventually the ammonium nitrate reacts with the water creating instant ice. Holding it against the effected area. Finally my big toe is numb. With the over light straining to keep view easy and with a scalpel, my hand trembling, my mouth dry. I check one final time to see if its totally dead... it is. I'm not one for DIY surgery, but I thought when I started this it would be an easy procedure...One, two, three here I go!
It's just occurred to me that while my toe, minus the nail down one side,is frozen then it'll be a piece of cake, but WHAT do I do when the bloody thing thaws out?
I have dressed it in a light bandage and await morning when hopefully my once in grown toe nail will be OK. One down one to go... Yes, not only did I have one bad toe but after careful inspection this morning, I now know I have two bad toe nails!!
Double trouble. Not sure I've done the right thing but there's no turning back now!!


nitebyrd said...

Dear Lord, Indigo!!! Are you okay? Does it hurt still? I cringed when I read this post.

Indigo said...

Nitebyrd... don't worry I'm OK. My toe is minus most of the nail but it's improved the comfort of it, tis almost pain free now, just ever so slightly tender, but it's a good tender, if you know what I mean.