Sunday, 13 April 2008

It's only just begun..

In 1996 I ran my first London Marathon. Some thing I'd always wanted to achieve. I trained for six months, went through numerous packets of plasters, new running shoes, injury after injury. At this moment in time I'm watching the 28th London Marathon, I'm with them in spirit every step of the way. I know what it's like to stand on the starting line, the taste of your breakfast still fresh in the pit of your stomach, heart burn, nerves and excitement attacking you from every angle. The year I ran it was the hottest on record; running out of bottled water at just seven miles. I lost several toe nails with the constant pounding of my feet hitting the road, rubbing against the inside of my Nike trainers. If you think you've ever suffered cramp then you've never run 26 miles 385 yards before, that's real cramp for you.But the race itself is a test of endurance, emotional, trauma. The hard work doesn't start just there, the real hard work starts with the sponsoring, then the collecting of the funds. Each person doing their best to raise much needed cash for well worth charities. My total amount was around £1,200 for Asthma research. So I've been there done that they even gave me a T-shirt for it; but it's the pride of taking part. I won't be doing it again, but you never know what's around the corner?
My toe nail has survived, slightly tender but with out infection.. nothing to compare with really, nothing like what the 28,000 competitors will be suffering after their courageous efforts today and the pride of holding close their 'medals' that they will receive later in the day. I wore my medal for a whole month I was so proud of my commitment and courage for my run. But it doesn't stop me getting emotional every year when I sit in front of the television to witness yet another Flora London Marathon, been ther done that!


nitebyrd said...

What you've done then and what you are doing now, is very admirable and something to be incredibly proud of.

I think you're AWESOME!

Indigo said...

Thank you nitebyrd~ I am VERY proud of my achievements in my life so far, and I've only mentioned two of them, there's many more fund raising events, the list is endless.. you have put a BIG smile across my face..