Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ever closer

The weather has been kind, although the wind can be rather intensive. My training is coming along nicely. I am developing calf muscles like walls of rock; my breathing has settled down too. I can't ever go back to the disgusting habit of smoking, I won't go there. Why do people do it, it's horrible and evidence proves, it eventually KILLS you! I checked the calender yesterday, my race day is getting ever closer. I'm actually rather looking forward to it. My appetite has doubled but so far my weight has not...phew! I am starting to suffer slightly with hard skin, but as I learnt over the years of marathon running, this can be solved quite easily with a regular application of Vaseline petroleum jelly, 'Mmmmm' can think of other ways of using it!!!!! Any how this softens the offending area from becoming blistered, when applied on a regular basis. I have graduated from not just one mile but three.... still got a long way to go yet though. My sponsor money's doing nicely.. about £120. I often think about my best friend and what she'd say if she knew what I was doing... I can see her face now even as I sit here typing away. I used to cry but now I hold my head up high and smile at her. I don't think I'm losing my mind as I often hold a conversation with her... it keeps me sane! Today is my rest day, but itching to get out there tomorrow and run some more. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly at the ready!


VBF! said...

Why do I smoke anyway? I guess I smoke because I don't really care enough about myself, and couldn't give a rats about my own health!

The only time that I did quit so easily was when I found out I was pregnant, I quit for 3 months like there was nothing to it!

It's funny, I'd do it to save my babies life but not my own. Unfortuantely I miscarried anyway, and the stress of it got me back to smoking again.

Good on you though for making an effort with your health and keeping a promise to your mate! I'd love to do the same one day!
:-) xx

Indigo said...

vbf~ forgive me I don't know you, you have your reasons for smoking, I did for many years, it's an addiction, smoking weed is less addictive than nicotine, apparently! I'm not judging any one.. each to their own. But thank you for reply & I'm sorry for your miscarriage..x..

Jackie Adshead said...

Glad you're enjoying getting back to running again, and have found a good use for vaseline!

Indigo said...

Thank you Jackie, you'd be surprised at just how many ways vaseline can be used..!!!!!!!! Lol.