Wednesday, 23 April 2008

True Colours

I'm trying to be a better person.

I'm trying oh so fucking hard!

I start off will all good intentions,

but then it goes awefully wrong.

I'm trying to be nice, huh!

I want to be horrid, think it may have

some thing to do with A.W.O.L

You see my hormones have left me, it's

also very fucking hard

like trying to fry onions in half

a tonne af LARD!!

I think I've lost the plot, I'm starting to cry

for gods fucking sake, ... I tried!

Some days I start off 'HAPPY'..

but get half way through the day

I'm starting to tare my hair out, what can I say?

I also lose my temper, that's not a pretty sight..

I'm crying now, and I have no reason why?

If any one can help me, please throw me a line..

I think I'm going crazy.................

Can any one tell me WHY?


nitebyrd said...

Babe, if you are going crazy then I'll be there with you. Always remember your friend in the abyss at least we can have each other!

Indigo said...

niteburd, think I'll reserve you a seat cuz I knows am goin be there before you!