Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuesday Poem ~ Jail bird

I got the mobile in..
I stuffed it up my ass.
I was OK until the
bloody thing rang!
I got a lovely room
4ft X 5. I got my
very own shower!!
I don't much like
the girls in number
23.. they keep
gangin up on me.
I have to hide my
ciggies, bacca too
I don't like what
they're callin me,
I know one thing
babe.... I miss you.
Prison life aint
that bad, 3 meals
a day for nowt.
I'm counting the
days down until
they let me out.


Heff said...

Wasn't this the storyline to "Caged Heat" ??

Indigo said...

Heff ~ Maybe, never seen it so I couldn't say for sure ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

indigo: I like prison poems...hehehe.

you tell em I'm gonna have to roiugh em up if they give you trouble babe.

hehehe...and no phones allowed in prison. especially in the arse. heheh

later sweets. xxx

Gray said...

*laughs* That was very cute!

Anonymous said...

That is something different to read-interesting!


Nadege said...

wow...you adopted an awesome voice
for this poem.

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ Exactly! We got a good deal going for mobile phones.. two year contract heavy fine 3 meals a day, your own room!You rough em up for me babe hahahaha ;) I don't mind working in a prison but I hate to be in one!! xxx

Indigo said...

Gray ~ I can do 'cute' thanks.

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ some thin out of the 'norm' eh ?

Indi x

Indigo said...

Nadege ~ why thank you my dear :)

JStar said...

I like this...My ex husband is doing a 17 year sentance...and its funny, I just talked to his mom yesterday about visiting him oneday this summer...

Indigo said...

JStar ~ Oh right, what a coincidence ;). Dont' take anything personal like phone, nothing sharp..no money, definately no drugs, but I'm guessing your not stupid. He obviously is or he wouldn't be in jail!! Good luck with your visit. You'll get a good rub down as you go in and one as you exit. I can only assume you'll feel like an inmate but it's nothing personal as they are only doing their job.