Saturday, 6 March 2010


Welcome one and all to this my new bike.
She is totally awesome, strong and wild.
I collected her today, rode her for the
very first time. She held me well like
a new lover, gentle and kind. I have a
name for her......... she is an angel
my steady steed. I can control her
with such want and need. I thought
long and hard as to what I should
call her. I wanted a name that
meant a lot, a name that I could
call a friend, one to trust, one
to call upon when I am in trouble
should I find myself in that place
where only the angels play.. but
I hope I never fall that way.
So welcome one and all let me
introduce you to my new girl
(Drum roll please)...........
'SPIKE' is her name.. after
my faithful friend Spiky..
She IS.. and we are one.
I will take great care of
her, we will have so much
fun. We were made for each
other, we fit like a glove
and yes ya could say ....
we're in love. ;)
She is my guardian Angel,
my true and loyal friend.
And one day I will take
you Spiky for that...
promised ride.


In the blue hour said...

Enjoy that ride...sounds thrilling! And a wonderful name!

Indigo said...

In the blue hour ~ thank you, she is a beautiful bike, handles the corners than the last one. It's the 'thrill' of the ride that counts.

Indi x

Nadege said...

congrats indigo -- love your
description --- makes me hunger
for a new lover or at least a
new thrill - a long ride .

Indigo said...

Nadege ~ Thanks hun, it aint the destination it's how we get there, I prefer to take the long route, more to see ! ;)

Anonymous said...

My the roads be kind and welcoming to you both, ride safely and wild!


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ safely and 'wild' I like the sound of that thanks babe will do

Indi x

Anonymous said...

So Pretty. You are inspiring me. That perhaps it is time to give my bike a name.

Indigo said...

Steel Horseman ~ I always give my bikes a name. So is your bike female or male? I guess if it were male you could call it 'Maximus' or female 'Marilyn?' Let me know what you decide, I'd be interested. Thank you :)

Meagan said...

Just how awesome is this, you took us there! I dream of this, I want this! Like a new toy never wanting to place on the shelf!

Indigo said...

Meagan ~ You felt the touch of leather upon your skin, the taste of freedom burning beneath, the constant throb of the 1000cc engine.. glad you like.. thanks hun

Indi x

Gray said...

That is so awesome and such a lovely bike!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi baby...hehehe. I'm up and readying things here. We'e going to the funeral soon. I'm just waiting a tad to start getting myself in makeup, lipstick etc.

I justed on the computer to see what peps were up to.

Thank you for the honor sweetheart. And I know the bike will take good care of you. And yes...I'm holding you to the promise to take me on a ride. hehehe. :P

And maybe later even go on a ride in the country. woo!

thank you honor me with your word and in naming your bike after me. :)

You are so loveaable. (((MWUAH)))

.. etcThe littlr one is going t

Indigo said...

Gray ~ Aw .. thank you. I can't wait to go out on her again. She is totally 'Awesome' ;)



Indigo said...

Spiky ~ My word is my word. I never go back on it. It suites my bike so well, she's got glamour n style, I know how to make her purrrr ( wicked smile appears on face, licking lips now >;->>) I hope the funeral isn't to aweful babe, thinkin of you. Actually I bet black looks damn sexy on ya cute bodd eh? Later sweetheart. TC

Ind xxxxox

nitebyrd said...

That is one beautiful piece of machinery! You know how I feel about bikes but, Indigo, that is a beauty ... just like you! Her name suits her, too!

May you always ride with the wind and watchful angels.

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ Thanks babe. I always ride with the 'hells angles' Lol. Oh sorry I got that wrong, I mean I will always ride with the wind and watchful angels. I got her up to 105 mph last week, I know it's a dangerous thing to ride but it only goes as fast as I make it. live for the moment eh? ;) Take care doll xxx