Friday, 26 March 2010

Home sweet Home

Home is where the heart is.
Where memories start and end.
I have lived here for what
seems like forever..26 years
in fact. This is my little
castle, with no moat but
flowers which bloom in spring.
My house is my
holds so many happy times.
Some sad. I have a private
grave full of my dead pets,
in the back. I live upon
a country lane, some times
the traffic's so bad, my
pussie cats dare not tread
across this path, for fear
they may end up dead. ;(
My garden is a canvas all
year round, from Spring
right through to Autumn
and eventually Winter.
My house has a fake window
to the left, but you can
not view it it's gone
underground. A Virginia
creeper wraps itself
over the bricks, birds
nest muzzle deep inside.
My house is over 200 years
old, and yes it does get
cold, but with the logs
chopped, the flames crackle
in the place.. which keeps
me warm and cozy.
My house makes some strange
noises from time to time,
I some times feel I am not
alone.. she walks in silence
with her dog.. yes you've
guessed.. we have a ghost!
My daughter has felt this
phantom, she had it in her
room. Awake and screamin
in the night, she thought
some thing was trying
to enter her body and her
room! I am not frightened,
I do not scare, I often
shout 'Is there any one
there?' I haven't yet
had an answer, I'll tell
you when I do. I do however
feel a cold draft wander
past my feet. So I run
and apply my socks, pulling
rapidly over my feet.
This is my little castle,
where memories start
and end. I have a open
log fire, this keeps
me warm as toast.
Home sweet home.


uk sparky said...

wow, lovely home, but thats very scary about the ghoust,

Indigo said...

uk sparky ~ thanks, I'm not worried about the ghost. I always say it's not the dead ya gotta worry about, it's the living..

Indi x

Loverboy said...

I absolutely ADORE your home and would LOVE to have a similar style home. Loverboy holds dual citizenship so who knows one day we may move to the UK and live our dream sigh~!



PS put the kettle on just in case...will pay ya a visit - will bring homemade biccies :]

Bri said...

Absolutely charming, ghost included... :) something that I can only dream of ever having is a home with "character" and a real English garden, a few cats roaming around my feet, and a specter to keep me company at night... ((sigh)) You are so very lucky!!!

Indigo said...

Loverboy ~ That would be amazin f you could come live here. I am surrounded by hills and green fields, I am but 1 mile from a river, 3 miles from a village with a castle (remains). Hold on to your dreams.

Indi x

Indigo said...

Bri ~ Thank you for coming by. I have but one cat, he is a lazy boy but I love him to bits. Oh the house sure has character, rising damp, wet rot. Uneven floors, crooked walls, no foundations! Plaster that cracks n falls off, bricks with holes in where the birds have pecked away at it. But I would'nt change it for the world,

Secretia said...

That is a fine home. I like the look of the Virginia creeper too.


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ Thank you, it looks better in Autumn when it turns every shade of red/gold/yellow. I have a photo of every season. :)

Indi x

Vi said...

It does look very stately Indy! I'm not jealous...much! ;)

Indigo said...

Vi ~ it has such charactor, wet rot and rising damp but to name a few Lol.



That's alovely quaint house.

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Thank you ;)