Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Likes and Dislikes... for you Spiky.


1. I don't like bullies. I was bullied at school (kids can be so cruel.)
2. I can't abide people who think they know it all... I work with these arrogant arseholes, I try to avoid them. They stink with their foul attitudes.
3. I too hate people who sexually abuse or hit children. These kinda animals should be put down.
4. I HATE Mondays too (The Boom town rats version.)
5. I can't put up with men... little boys in big boys clothes..

OK now for the fun part....


1. I love fast motorbikes. The faster & more dangerous the better ( live for the moment.. do some thing that scares the shit out of you, everyday. (Working in a prison comes almost top of my list with that one.)
2. I like to strip off in the open ( nudist beach somewhere hot- abroad.)
3. I love my friend who lives in our mother land, I adore the Americans. Spiky you
are fabulous, sexy, generous, gorgeous, talented, beautiful, kind, amorous clever
'fit' ;) a fabulous Mum to you're children. I visit your blog first on every
occasion possible. You make me laugh & smile more times than I can count.
4. I love people who can make me laugh.. my best friend Annette who I've been through some crap with .. she is always there for me.. and I her. You too Spiky.
5. I love to see fiery sunsets, feel the ocean beneath my toes, run barefoot in the wet grass ( OK so that's more than 5 but I'm on a roll now ;)!)
6. And for my final 'like'.... I adore the scent of Freesias... white one's they have the most awesome and sensuous scent I've ever come across. I love them, I want them. Oh and I love to write!!
on my grave. ( Best write that in my will when I eventually write it!!)
OK so now I have to 'Tag' two other people so I tag UBERMOUTH- NITEBYRD
Come along people let's hear what ya gotta say?!
Thanks Spiky for this.. I loved writing it. I have to admit I wasn't sure what exactly to write about on my blog post tonight


Dulce said...

Oh oh oh... Such a long time since i last came here
I love this post
i love your likes and dislikes... i agree... I can say we are twin souls --except for the motorbike!

Lots of love dear Indigo!

Indigo said...

Dulce ~ yeah twins of the soul... I guess I'll have to change your mind on the bike part ;).

Lots of Love Indi xx

Vi said...

Those memes are great fillers and fun to do, that's why I liked asking bloggers questions on what they wanted to know that since I had stopped blogging. Glad you found me again and glad to see you still blogging!

Loverboy said...

Great likes and dislikes~!

Oh is it my turn now?



Spiky Zora Jones said...

H baby: I love your likes and I have to say I blushed when you entioned me. Tank you love. Hey, you make me smile everyday too. Mayeb we are like two paarts of a cookie thaat fit just right...huh. :0)

thanks for playing along sweetheart...it was fun huh. And i loved your list.

later honey xxx.


Those are very good answers. I love freesias too[and bluebells].

Thank you for thinking of me. I shall comply.Pronto.

Indigo said...

Vl ~ it's a good way to find out what makes other people 'tick.' Thank you coming back, I like your blog too ;)

Indigo said...

Loverboy ~ yeah it's your turn now, so don't disapoint ;)

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I saw some one the other week who I immediatly thought it was you..... I was mesmorised by them, thinking I'd found you!! Thanks for list n taggin meeee... ;)))). Yeah we're the missing part to a cookie.. what flavour ?(can't be chocolate) I think blueberry? Later toots xxx

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Yeah Bluebells too, in the woods in full colourful blue carpets on show. Look forward to your lists with baited breath !!!

Heff said...

I thought everyone loved arrogant people...sheesh.

Indigo said...

Heff ~ yeah from a distance... as far away as possible ;))))