Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Vision

I shall
no longer
look in
that way.
how to and
will not.
I can now
find my way.
I have the
means to be
and stay
without to
I do not
and have no
want to go
your blog.
My head no
longer sees
what was..
all I need
to see now
is what will
be. I have
the past,
wiped it
from my
I have
plenty to
say for
I am and
I will always
be a new
Watch with
breath, you
might see
so totally
amazing, you
will look
again, check..
yes this is me.
Welcome to
my world of
and love, the
two go together
they fit just
like a glove.
I have so much
I want to say,
I have so much
to give...
this is my
time, I will
have the time
of my life..
just wait 'n'
'So Fuck You!!'


Anonymous said...

I like the way you got all those things out there!


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ thank you. I had an interestin chat with my psycology friend at work who was as usaul very helpful. I have still some thing to get rid off, paintings, statues, have thrown out some books, feels so much cleaner now. I may flog 'em on tinternet or drop 'em off at charity shop, either way they aint stayin!;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi babydoll. I'll wait here for you sweetie. always...
I agree with secretia...I love how you get things out there.

so now we go forward...and new memories...we make.

I'mm going home sweets. have a fab sleep. xxx


Well said. ... But it should have ended with a ' so fuck you!!!'

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ Yes onward and upward... forward is the way. Brand new memories made each and every new day. Safe journey home sweetie pie. L8r chicks xxxx

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Hi honey.. I can always go back and add it ? Should I? Ya know I might just do that. Thanks babe x



You're priceless, unique , so wonderful and delicious and talented.

Dont YOU ever forget that, or let any bitch make you forget that!

You make a Mommie proud!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

It is a beautiful poem but there is only one thing I don't get.

If you no longer care, why do you keep bringing this person up and giving them the energy of your thoughts?

The one thing I have learned is to not even give such people the joy of a fuck you anymore. Not that plenty of people don't deserve the fuck you.

It is because the time wasted on the fuck you could have better been spent improving your life.

I'm not judging either. Please don't take of that way.

My computer got hacked and I'm still livid over that. I user up a lot of posts trying to figure out why.

My counselor recently asked me why I held on so long and stayed around people deep down inside I couldn't actually stand.

The only answer I could give her was that I wanted some form of justice and felt by publically humiliating people i could somehow get back what was taken from me.

Then I realized all most people do on the Internet is just start a new blog and pretend to be somebody else once they got caught.

So all that happened was my words got twisted and I ended up looking like the bad guy when I told the fucking truth.

So what is the moral of the story? People who only have relationships with people online, as a substitute to escape reality, ultimately have no vision in life because illusions do not make dreams come true.

Taking action does.

JStar said...

Great spring cleaning :)

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Thank you . Thank you . Thank you . Thank you . Thank you. I did it and now I have to explain it all again to Shelley bless her who so obviously doesn't get it!! ;)

Indi X

Indigo said...

Shelly ~ ya got it in one with your counselor.. but this is the grand finale. No more shall I write about the past, only good things, she of which was not. OK i get the message. I do however have some paintings I wish to part with.. now I can either have a bonfire or sell them for charity OR give them to a charity shop..either way they have to go.

Indigo said...

JStar ~ ya see you get the message don't ya girl? Thank you for dropping in. I appreciate all the comments of the people that so obviouslt care. You too Shell, I'm not having a pop at ya, just sayin my peice. ;)

nitebyrd said...

Sweeping out the old and unwated to make room for the new and exciting. You've done it very well, girl!

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ It's been a long and some times lonely road but I got to the destination I'd planned for, thank you hun x