Thursday, 18 March 2010


I've locked the door,
turned out the light.
My world has been
turned upside down.
I got in a fight.
He knocked me down
from behind, my tears
stung as though I
was going blind.
I did my best, I
kept my nerve, but
he was too strong.
I felt some pain
again and again.
The taste of blood
flooded my mouth.
Coloured rainbows
stabbed my brain.
I felt something
sharp cutting at
my throat. I tried
and tried to escape.
This happened so
quick, I felt the
urge to be sick.
I never thought
this would happen
to me. I hit him
hard..he felt the
blow as he stumbled
he momentarily let
go. I held my breath
my heart pounding
in my chest. I ran
and ran all the
way home. As I sit
here behind my
door I can feel
my whole body
shake. I dare not
move, I dare not
speak, my clothes
are dirty and torn.
I feel so weak...
I was so afraid.
I let myself go.
I can smell the
pungent scent
of piss, I lost
control. I lost
my nerve. I
thought I'd lost
all my tomorrows.


Vi said...

Wow, very graphic and moving Indie! I love how you have written this, could see it happen in my mind. I'm hoping it's not from experience.

Indigo said...

Vi ~ Thanks, I write what I feel most of the time, some times I get it right..some times I get it not so right. I felt myself sitting behind the door as I wrote it.. yeah very moving.

Indi x

Spiky Zora Jones said...

indigo: where's this coming from sweetie? Is this refelective of your mood?

It almost reminds me of Mia's poen of the hanging tree.

Be well my friend. (((HUGS)))

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I'm not in a mood but I haven't been feeling very bright of late. I guess I've stumbled off the happy scale again. Some silly twat hid the map n I got a bit lost!! I'll be back on track after two days sleep! %-{ later babe xxx

Anonymous said...

What a scary story, the plot is good enough for a television crime show.


Kate said...

Wow this felt really intense and a little scary. I envy your ability.

Kate xx

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ Wow do ya think so? That woud be surreal! Thanks

Indigo said...

Kate ~ yeah I scare myself some times, I've read it back since a couple of times realising each time how I got it so acurate!! Thanks for droppin by..

Indi x

rage said...

You have such excellent writing skills Indigo!

Indigo said...

rage ~ Aw thank you. All I need now is an excellent publisher!