Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hey ya'll get a loud of this!
I found her the other day whilst
out on my mountain bike... god she's
soooooooo 'HOT' and what I'd kill for
an all over tan! At first glance you
think she is wearing a thong... but
then ya realise she aint! 'Oh My God.'
I pedalled faster and faster, getting
quicker outta breath, I shouted 'hey
baby wait for me' but alas this got
me no where. With the sun in m eyes
and the slight breeze on my back. I
put my bike into top gear, cycled
as fast as I could. Sweat drippin
down my neck, my mouth dry as a
bone, then I felt this vibratin
guess what? it was my phone.
I came to a sudden halt, almost
fallin off my bike. It was the
sexy momma on her bike. She
said ' Hey babe where ya been
I'm waitin for ya, come on in
I'm round the corner up the road
just resting a while..'
God I could hear her smile! I
hurried up back on my bike.
My legs went like the clappers,
the sting of sweat as it hit
my head and rolled into
my eyes.
I blinked & blinked then I
realised that what I saw
up ahead was 'she' I pedalled
faster and faster until
I got closer... lickin
my lips in anticipation.
I came to a sudden halt
which threw me off balance
I hit the floor with a
jolt. Brushin myself down,
I felt such a clown, she
picked me up with one
finger. My pussy awake,
my nipples became hard
as I tried to explain
where I'd been. Her
breath was so sweet,
I crumbled with one
whiff, into a pile at
her feet. Glancin up
was a sight for my
eyes. Her neatly
shaved quim, looked
so invitin, I reached
up and pushed a finger
in. She shivered with
delight, spread her
legs for some more..
she begged me to go on,
'Oh My Lord!' With
one hand in place,
a broad smile crept
across her face. I
scrambled to my knees
rubbing quicker, she
screams, 'Oh My God
I'm COMING!!' She
began to quiver, my
hand becoming quicker
she staggered toward
me with such force.
Her breasts were all
wet, humidity & sweat,
I scooped one up into
my mouth. Chewed for
a bit on her succulent
tit, flicked around
and around. I fumbled
a while.. then came
that big smile as she
emptied her cum on my
hand. Earthquake a
comin, her voice was
a shakin, my hand had
disappeared out of
sight. With gentle
ease I pulled out
my hand, and she
pulled it to her
face, she licked
and licked then
pulled me in...
we kissed beneath
that hot sun.. I
felt her hand as
she removed my zip
with one tug we were
back on the ground.
I lay on my back
with her arse in
my face, her face
was in my cunt,
I guess ya could
say we were back
to front. We buried
our tongues it
didn't take long
for the full force
of our sex to ignite.


Topaz said...

Such a unique story, it will have my mind working overtime today.

Indigo said...

Topaz ~ Thank you, I may well go buy a bike !

Red Shoes said...

DAMN!!!!!!!!! :oD


Indigo said...

Red Shoes ~ ;))))))))))) :oD

Thanks Indi xx

Anonymous said...

I loved it, and I only knew it was a story when I realized a stranger couldn't have called your cell phone. The rest of the story I know is real....


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ yeah I started writing it thinkin it was a comedy, then I got well n truly carried away.. thanks hun... I did give her my number, not heard a word, think she blew me off ;))))

Indi x

Loverboy said...

Excuse us whilst we turn the air con up and cool down~!

Smokin hot post Indi~!


Indigo said...

Loverboy ~ ya know me, I like it *hot* thank you ;-*

Indi xx

Nadege said...

oh yeah...a wild rush, this one.

Indigo said...

Nadege ~ I like it wild ... thank you

rage said...



I hope it was the girl on the bike that turned you on and not the bike. :)

Indigo said...

ra ~ *big smile appears across face* Thank you :)

Indigo said...

UBS ~ this time I can honestly say it wasn't the bike that got my attention :)

Indi x

Heff said...

You had a banana seat at your disposal and didn't USE IT ?

Indigo said...

Heff ~ yeah I did think about using it, but I couldn't get the wrapper off !!

Rex Venom said...

Gonna make me get a bike!
Rock on!

Indigo said...

Rex Venom ~ I 'm thinkin I'd have fun on a tandem !! Up close and Oh Mmmm..Mmm so ....huh.. um personal!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

that is hot tamales baby....whew, I would go have a cigarette if I smoked. hehehe.

I's a fab posy sweetie.

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I got bored last Saturday morning so my fingers got working, my head started to think, my clit started to twitch.. I should get bored more often. Thanks babe xx