Monday, 22 March 2010

Roll up ~ Roll up

OK so this is the Mermaid on the left that I have for sale. I don't really know what it's worth, but I am assuming that should any one of you out there in blog land like it then we can come to a reasonable price tag. I am trying to raise money for Spiky's Charity 'CANCER' so I am starting to make a list of items I wish to part with. I have paintings, some jewelry.. and as I said before I can post anywhere in the world, P&P is on me. So on the right we have a picture of a strange looking animal, a large cat. I don't like it and have no room on my wall anymore, rather than throw it away or take it to the charity shop I wondered if I might get £5? for it?! Like I said before I have no idea what prices to attach to these items, but I would like to make a comfortable bundle of cash for Cancer Research. Any offers?


Vi said...

If it's for charity I'll take the tiger off your hands for £10. Tigers are my son's favourite, he can hang it on his bedroom wall. Contact me sweetie.

Indigo said...

Vi ~ Brilliant! OK so I have a paypal account but as it's not on some thing like Ebay I'm not quite sure how we do this, but we'll figure some thing out. Now I have several other tigers for sale. maybe If I send you the photos we could come to a comfortable ( for both parties) agreement? ;) What is your E mail address?

Vi said...

Just the one tiger print will be fine Indy, he's only got a small bedroom lol.

I know how to do a payment through paypal without it being connected to ebay x

Indigo said...

Vi ~ sure .. I will e mail you in a mo, just got in from work .. this is great news. Thank you x Indi

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi sweetie. you are a one woman fund raiser babe.

Go to a gathering and you count 8 of them will have cancer. That's what the stats indicate. That is why we must get people to get checked out and early detection can make the difference in life and death.

i just found out a little over a week ago ny friend lynn has cancer in her overies. She is set for an operation in about two weeks.

You're doing great babe. The people in your area may not know what you are doing...but I do and that's makes you a hero in my book.

later sweets. xxx

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ my heart and thoughts go to your friend. My friend Sue had breast cancer years ago, I shaved her head one morning cuz the hair was falling out so much so quickly. They removed the lump, she survived. My best friend died of O cancer 3 years this Sept. We need to make every one aware of the choice of early detection is a must, go get the tests, call the doctor make them know that we mean business. I have done sponsored everythings over the years, this is my way of saying I'm here I'm listening, I want to help. Babe, thanks but I am just one woman with a heart, I care. I hope to raise mucho casho for Cancer.. xxx