Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Well I have sold the first two paintings.
So I now have the start of which I hopefully
will be a lot of money for Spiky's charity.
I have yet to sell the mermaid.. but if I don't
sell it here on blog sphere land then I may try
EBay.. but I'm not familiar with the whole set
up of that sight, so I have to hope I can sell
it here, maybe not today or tomorrow, or next
week but I will at some stage of the game..
sell it. As for my Tuesday poetry page...?

~ Survival ~ For my dear friend Spiky!

I sell these objects that were once my desire.
I no longer hold them dear to my heart....
for I have another place for them to be..
and to raise much needed money.
My heart holds new boundaries for every
woman .. man and child to live. To survive,
to love life, smile, laugh and some day cry.
Shed tears of joy for every man woman girl
and boy.To say no to Cancer... to live
for ever more. To reach out and take hold
of the life they were meant to live..
so come on every body... let's give.
Giving is good, living is better.
I give my everything for this good
deed.. I will try my hardest to do
my best, for friend Sue and her now
well breast. My friend Anita..
I say hello to every day.. my
sweet dear friend, for all the joy
we shared, for the pain she bared.
Lets kiss ass this ugly thing that
eats away at the ones we love..
We can hear them shouting from
that great heaven above. Indi X


Spiky Zora Jones said...

indigo: Hi babe...awesome. You have one more and you will be at your goal.

We'll be starting up soon on our charity shows too. My free time time is near but you know me...I love it. Too much time leaves me restless and too much time to think. Plus I'll be doing the things I love in life. My oldest boy can't wait...he gets involved too. My little guy...he loves anything new. wait till he see's his mommy dance...he's at that age now where it all sinks in.

later sweets. xxx

Vi said...

Fantastic Poem Indie! My son is looking forward to the painting!

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I'd love to see ya dance babe, sing too. Ya could put it on Youtube? Kids are so clever, they take everything in don't they. Then they grow up.. it's a whole new ball game then!! Lol. I'm looking on makin a whole lotta dosh £££££££ for you/ your charity. Later twinkle ;)xxx

Indigo said...

Vi ~ thank you for buying it, I'm sure he'll love it, show his friends too :) thanks again.

Indi x

Anonymous said...

Why has God allowed cancer to exist?

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ why do counries like India have famine? We can get mad about it or we can do some thing to help hopefully find a cure one day, but we must never give up trying.

Indi x