Monday, 21 June 2010


Today I have been to the Dentist.
I was brave, I had one filling.
I have a fear of the dentist,
it stems back to when I was a wee
child. A big black chair, a mask,
and at the end of it a large tooth
with massive roots on it. I got
more than the usual that night
from the tooth fairy! I have
very sensitive teeth. I hate
large or small needles.. I hate
the dentist full stop. I have
been experiencing pain in my
mouth due to having had a brace
when I was about 14 years old.
Back then it wasn't a fixed brace
it was able to come out at night
so I could wash it. My bite
wasn't altered after that, so now
my teeth don't bite where they
should leaving sore swollen gums
inside my bite. I have decided
enough is enough. I hate my
smile, I very rarely show
my teeth, apart from having
fillings! Now the bad part
is yet to come. I can't get
it on the NHS as our practice
turned private a few years ago.
Another money makin spin off
from our 'wank' government.
So....... I will have to pay.
And this is where is gets
painful. To have a complete
mouth rehabilitation process.
Ten at least crowns, veneers
a new tooth to fill the gap
I have from having a tooth
removed years back. A new
bottom plate, and a lot of
visits, a lot of pain..
a hell of a lot of injections
to numb the teeth whilst
they grind them down to
almost nothing.. This is
where I start to feel
SICK!! £5,000 will be
the bill for this
very , much needed
procedure. It won't
happen over night
either. I don't
want to end up
having my food
liquidized because
I can't chew. I
find it difficult
even now to chew
food, I take twice
as long as every
one else.. I was
happy before
I went, now
I feel some
what slightly


Kimberly said...

The dentist is not my friend.

Indi said...

Kimberly ~ Yes it's a white knckle ride for me too.