Friday, 18 June 2010


Today is the start of my holiday. I shall return to work on the 19Th July, until then I am not here, will not be sending any post cards but will be doing plenty relaxing, drinking (the folk we are staying with make their own wine, he has his own wine business) go fishing in his own private lake, have B-B-Q's, sleep in their log cabin in the hills. Basically enjoy ourselves so much we have to do it all again the second week and most possibly the third week. I have never had four weeks off in one go before, I am in much need of this Holiday of a life time in Canada. I will actually be here until Tuesday evening after that I will not post on this blog. I will not miss the Internet, I am also leaving my mobile phone at home, the idea is not to be contacted by anyone at any given time. BLISS!!


The Invisible Seductress said...

Well I hope you have a spectacular time away!!! ;)

Leah said...

A well deserved holiday. I hope you have a great time Indi. Take care love. See you when you get back xxxxxx

Indi said...

The Invisible Seductress ~ Yes, I've got a pretty good feeling I will, it's a holiday that's long over due. Thank you ;)



Indi said...

Leah ~ Thank you for is much appreciated ;)