Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pride of Place

I had three of them..
paintings from long
ago. I tried sellin
them on the Internet
but no one wanted to
know. I tried giving
them away, church
fair, garden party
galore. But every
one I know thought
I was being a bore.
So I had an idea..
the frames came
from my pocket, so
I ripped them apart
took out the offending
art, replaced them
with photos of my son.
And when I was done,
placed them in pride
of place for everyone
to see. So I made
good of the frames
got rid of the rest,
I won't be selling
these frames, they
show what I represent.
My family who I love
with all my heart.
Tigers n stuff..
torn apart. Fodder
for the fire. No
longer my desire.
No money for my
charity, but you
know me I'll raise
it some how, but
for now, I sit &
stare at this
fantastic photo
of my son. I'm
proud of him..
'Oh yeah!'


nitebyrd said...

An excellent use of the frames, Indi!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ Thanks, I'm all for saving the enviroment ;)