Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Price of a Smile

For now I can not find a smile.
I've looked but it appears to
have left. As when I was a little
girl I had to wear a brace, my teeth
have always been crooked, picked on
and bullied all through school life.
Being tall and skinny didn't particularly
help! Well the time has come for me
to decide that enough is enough, I
no longer wish to hide, my smile I
have to recover, for my shine has
left my soul and simple tasks like
eating is not so easy anymore. With
gums that tend to be raw through teeth
that don't actually bite, I've been
known to lie awake in pain... at night.
A trip to see my dental surgeon on
Monday, a pointer here and there,
no price is mentioned as yet but
I'll have to rob a bank to pay
for all the work but you can
put a price on a smile, I never
have done yet. Like I said
earlier eating is a pain,
I've lost almost half a stone
in less than two weeks.
So now I have set my sights
high, I want my teeth to be
straight. I want to be proud
of my looks, I need my smile
back again.


The Savage said...

I need a little dental work myself... I have 7 months to wait though....

Indi said...

Savvy ~ My dentist was fine until she like any others went private, now I can't afford to have fillings and the like. another way for the Govermant to fuck with our pockets!