Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I still have some stuff I wish to sell for a good
cause, one being Spikey's Charity and the other
being I no longer want these objects
anywhere near me. David at work first fell
in love with this glass necklace when we
first found each other, from that day to now
we have bonded, he introduced me to the gay
scene.. so I asked him today if he wanted
to buy it.. and he said yes. So that's
another few quid for Cancer. I still need
a home for a painting and if I can find it,
another item of jewelry, I'll keep you all
posted, but I won't be around for a few days
after Friday, I'm off to Whitby North York-
shire until next Tuesday.. on Spike my motor
bike, weather permitting I will have a paddle
in the sea, not sure whether to take suncream
or waterproofs, but I will have a fab time..
because I won't be here at home bored out
of my tree. ;)



xl said...

Have a great time on your holiday.

What model is Spike?

Indi said...

xl ~ Thanks. Spike is brand new this year plate Yamaha Fazer 1000cc bike, I named her after Spikey..I'm the only blooger to have straddled Spikey ;)))


Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi better be safe for me. You know I worry and i don;t want anything to happen to you. pssst...there's a reason. My brother was on his Harley when him and car collided in an intersection. He was busted up pretty badly. He always had a slight limp after that, I did go and visit him everyday...cause he asked. careful but have lots and lots of fun...

Indi said...

Spiky ~ Yes babe I will be careful, I won't promise anything as I don't make promises to any body.. in my eyes a promise is a dept unpaid. Anyway I started at 6a.m today so feeling very shattered right now. It has started to rain .. Grrreat! (((Mwuah))) backatchya toots. ;)