Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Clothes left draped on the door.
Shoes.. scattered memories on
the floor. My heart left visible
on my sleeve. You told me you'd
never leave. Come on babe we've
been here before, remember last
time, what you said n how I
listened.. you haven't changed.
How come this time it's
different, what's changed? Do
you know no shame? I used to
believe in fairy tales but
not anymore, so remove
your clothes from of the
door, pack your case and
leave. I no longer feel
what I used to do, my
heart no longer sits on my
sleeve, it's hidden and
out of reach, it's under
cover. Move over, walk
away I have no energy
to scream n shout.
And when I've blinked my
eyes and wiped away dry
tears... I expect you
to have disappeared.
Go... walk away. I
will not cry and with
no regret, I curse
the day you ever walked
this way...into my life.
I was vulnerable, easy
pray. Like giving sweets
to a child. I'm wiser
now, stronger too. I
want normality to
resume. This house
is crowded, to many
memories, scattered
photos of the smiles
we left behind.


Gray said...

Such a strong poem. Some people never change.

Indigo said...

Gray ~ I keep trying to, one day eh?



Storey said...

Change comes when we least expect it, and (in my opinion) when arent looking for it. Most people seem to force change or fight it. In my experience, change happens when you finally let go of all the BS and just decide to live your life in the manner you want. Its hard to let go.

I dunno if that made any sense.

Very intense poem. It felt like I was there, experiencing it with you.


The Savage said...

A nice merlot or cabernet would go well with this poem.... both have slight hints of sorrow but are constants....

Indigo said...

Storey ~ yes that did make sense and thank you for dropping by. This shit does occasionally hit the fan in life... hay ho...



Indigo said...

The Savage ~ I happen to be drinkin a nice warm merlot tonight.. I expect to sleep better tonight too.. and thank you for huggy wine xx


劉承合 said...

天生我材必有用,千金散盡還復來。 ..................................................

Scarlett said...

Beautiful, but sad.

I really enjoyed it.

Secretia said...

You wrote so honestly.

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ thank you, from the heart, the place that usually gets me in to trouble!


Heff said...


Indigo said...

HEFF ~ really ? how can I be sure of that? you are so full of promises..... ;)

Nolens Volens said...

My mom finally left her partner. About 3 weeks ago. Yeah. She's gonna live much closer to my family and she's looking forward to her new life.

Indigo said...

Nolens Volens ~ good luck to your mum and thank you for taking the time out to drop by.