Saturday, 17 April 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Here we have a glass beauty from New Zealand. Not very heavy and lies nicely around any neck line. In length it's just short of 2" & 1" wide.. if whoever wants to buy it, it is made of glass. Dark blue with what looks like a hologram inside but it's a different coloured glass.,if you like you can have it hanging on a leather platted lace (but that'll cost you more)and I make the leather laces. P&P is free to you, that comes out of my pocket as I said from the start just ask Vi who bought two paintings from me for her son who adores cats. They went well padded in bubble wrap n boxed weighed and stamped.. so no worries there, anywhere in the world! So who would like this little beauty? Who would like to wear it, it's the only one like it as far as I know in the UK, as for the world I couldn't be sure.
Now on the right I have a painting of a big cat..size wise it's 12"x10" and when I can find it.. another paintin or two of two more kitties. So here I am, having a clear out, selling some OK stuff for Spiky's and mine charity.'Cancer'. Take it away people. I have a pay pal account with some dosh in already. I would like to raise a fair amount of money, but I'm thinking anything will do, I know we're all in a recession. And as the little old lady said as she peed into the sea ' every little bit helps?' ;)




The Savage said...

O0o0oo0 that is a pretty glass pendant.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi baby. I can't ever say it too many times...YOU ROCK!

my friend Lynn had an operation last Tuesday. I was releaved that they think they have got it all. She was looking so poorly when I saw her on Monday. She was afraid but showed she was not...i know her and can tell when something's up with her.

you are doing a fab job raising money for the cause babe. I'm prud of you and I agree...give what you can and only when you can give.

My man (ex-b/f) is getting things going for us. YAY! I can't wait to get back on the stage with the troup...

later sweets. xxx

Indigo said...

Savy ~ not sure I like the cat picture but the necklace is a mean piece of work~but it holds too much crap for me, so I have decided to part with it, the photo doesn't pay it any justice it is way nicer in reality. Thanks chuck (English terminology)means lovely person.



Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I hold your friend deep in the clasp of my prayers that she will make a full and honest recovery without too much memory of the pain. That word scares the crap out of me..cancer..shit happens but we live in a world of hope eh? When you get back on stage I'd like you to record it for youtube so that we distant relatives can see ya in all ya finery and glory..would ya do that for me babe...would ya?
Later twinkle.. the sun's out, so I'm off out on Spike.



Anonymous said...

It's pretty. :) xoxoxox

Indigo said...

BT ~ Yes it sure does.