Friday, 23 April 2010


Pull back the soft
furnishings of my
heart, this hard
pounding organ
pumping red stuff
around this path-
etic life form.
Pull back the
skin from this
shrivelled dick,
he no longer
requires help.
From a new
I have, we
have discovered
new boundaries.
No mans land
has been ripped
up, trashed. I..
we, I say we
because I used
to be me, then I
discovered I had
a 'he' inside
of me so now I
say 'we,' if
you see what
I mean. Anyway
where was I..
Oh yeah. I have
thought long
and hard of
where I ought
to go.. which
direction. I
though at first
I'd have a ragin
thirst for cock,
gay man scream..
not! My eyes are
wide open. My
heart is tickin
over nicely. I
have no one
in mind for
romance.. I
shall take it
so god damn
easy. Lie
back and
relax. I
used to say
time waits
for no one..
do I care?
Nope. I just
hope that
when I have
made my way
through this
I can become
this amazin
human being
keep insist-
ing I am.
She/he's in
here some
where, I
I don't care.
What you see
aint what
you get...


Gray said...

We all have our different parts and pieces.

Love this post.


Indigo said...

Gray ~ So I'm no different to any one else then? Oh goody.

Thank you



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment at my blog.
WYSIWYG? Just asking ...

Don't I Know You? said...

"I can become
this amazin
human being
keep insist-
ing I am."

yeah, that. You already are, you know? only now you got to own it.

The Savage said...

There once was this gal called Indi
I've always found her to be friendly
She's having some issues
But fuck off those tissues
I'm cracking a bottle, Here's to Indi!


Indigo said...

mago ~ WYSIWYG ? I don't understand your abreviation

Indigo said...

Don't I know you?~ Point taken. Thank you


Indigo said...

Savy ~
I once knew this guy called Savy
who made up these poems so madly.
He always made me laugh, although
I thought I was crap, this lovely
man called Savy. He could 9 times
out of 10 make me happy. Thank you
my friend Savy.



Anonymous said...

From computer stoneage:
What You See Is What You Get.
When for the first time the actual picture on the screen showed what would later come out of the printer.

Indi said...

mago ~ YES! You made me smile.. thank you