Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pushing it.

I have found at Long last what I was looking for. This is a lovely necklace made of cream coloured some thing or other.. it resembles bone but I think it may be plastic.
It is made from broken hearts in actual fact. It is one & half inches long, 3 quarters inch wide, not heavy. In actual fact it's pretty much the same size as on this blog. Also I have the 'Mermaid' still for sale.. she's coming up in a minute. And here she is. I will pay for P&P 'anywhere' in the world. I have enough bubble wrap to make sure they arrive in one piece and in perfect condition, that is my contribution to the cause. Next week I will be back with some other unwanted items.
Thank you for browsing .. hope you find some thing to amuse you. Make me an offer.. think of it this way, the postage will cost me more than the item you are buying.. but like I said.. I want to do my part, and yeah as it rhymes... I am all heart. I won't rip you off, I just wanna make some much needed cash for cancer.

I have a Pay Pal account just ask ;)


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi sweetie. we need more people like you. You rock sweetheart.

thanks you for always doing your part and more.

The Savage said...

You are made of awesome!

Indi said...

Spiky ~ I got some stuff I need to down load on any unsuspecting customer Lol... for a price of course. I'd rather make money out of (her) for a good cause than break it up.. I rock eh? I do after sveral alcoholic drinks hahahaha and I will be safe I promise.Thanks



Indi said...

Savy ~ Really ? Wow... so if I crack myself open I 'll have 'awesome' down the middle like a stick of Blackpool rock? So I guess I'm also sticky and bad for the teeth too then? Lol Oh Savy you make me smile... thank you honey.