Saturday, 24 October 2009


Once we were three,
then we became two...
now I am one.
Love hurts, I do...
Pain can take away
so many things, but
it can't replace the want.
The heat of the night,
your touch, you're out
of my sight, out of my
reach, we are no more.
Time was meant to heal,
but I'm still waiting.
To steal your kiss to need
your touch, god I loved
you so much, but that was
then and this is now, so
tell me...... how? How did
it come to this, how did
we lose it all, for who....
you? Me? I'm out of
ideas. You left me.
I had no choice.
I'm lost in this fog
I have no want to
carry on. Nothing
has a meaning, the
warmth has died,
and with it ..... me.
All that I had I gave to
you, all that I loved was
you. I don't make sense
anymore, I can't, I've tried
like I said before.......
I've died, my soul is empty,
my need has gone, I don't
love you anymore...........
I can't.



Tragic,Indigo that you've lost he belief that you could not find this again with someone else.

Who says that there is only one great love for us?

I don' think there is...

...and instead of drowing in your past you mus be ready and willing to grab your future.

Indigo said...

UBS ~ I'm still tending my wounds, but when the dust has settled, I will be out there ... things usually have a reson for being. Thanks hun x

Dulce said...

Now it's high time you rise from the dead,and give Birth to a new YOU!

Indigo said...

Dulce ~ Watch this space ..

Shadow said...

hugs hunny...

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ Thank you :-}

tattytiara said...

It's never easy to read about so much pain, but I have to say the rhythm of your writing carried me along effortlessly.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I do. This is your place to express, and thats good. You need to have the forum to express, the fact you are expressing shows you are not numb or dead inside.

The Zulu people here have an expression..

"The sun will rise again over Africa"

nitebyrd said...

I agree with Dulce, time to become a Phoenix, my dear!

You will do it and you will get the love you deserve. I just know it.

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ am flapping my wings. Thank you for being there for me (( hugs)) back

Jackie Adshead said...

Sounds like a most beautiful love you had............ very precious.

Indigo said...

tattytiara~ rhythm is good, I think we have a connection in all of this.. thank you.

Indigo said...

Steve Levi, the levi store, I am not dead, I'm in limbo, but I think I know the direction in which I have to take now. I love the Zulu saying ... very rich saying, from the heart.Thank you

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ yes it was, time to leave it in the past. The future holds so much, I have to go spread my wings and learn to fly again.

Anonymous said...

First rate verse. You wrote a winner!


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ Thank you that pleases me so much..