Saturday, 15 March 2008

Push the limits

Weather plays a big part in running. Today was overcast. I prepared myself for my journey, planned my route. Got dressed, did my usual stretching exercises, opened the find.... it's raining! Oh well here goes nothing and off I went down the road. I'd had a stressful half hour previous, trying to get the computer to play some music and my temper had got the better of me, I was shaking I was so mad! My neck hurt, I'd had heart burn for most of the morning... brilliant conditions for running in. Once I had convinced myself that I'd soon start to feel the benefits and calm down, I did just that. I can remember all those years ago when I'd drudge round the country lanes, that once I'd got my breathing sorted, my mind became relaxed and I actually enjoyed it, even though my legs hurt, my feet throbbed, I did actually get a great feeling of satisfaction out of it. I haven't been out since last Wednesday and was itching to get out there again otherwise the few days work that I had done would've been for nothing. I surprised myself today and as a result I'm planning on another big run tomorrow, wet or otherwise. Since my decision a few weeks ago to run for cancer, I'd only actually been going a short distance, building up my stamina. Today I pushed myself further. I went to the roundabout and back, which is roughly one and a half miles, my breathing eased, my bad neck recovered, I felt great. A fantastic energy boost and a feeling of total euphoria rushed through my entire body, I was shaking by the time I had returned home. OK I'm hooked now. So regardless of the weather, once I've ventured outside come rain or shine I'm buzzing. Each day I will push the limits until I know no boundaries. My legs still ache, but it's a good ache, my appetite has grown also.


nitebyrd said...

YAY! for you, Indigo. Not only are you running for a worthy cause but you seem to be running to help yourself. Excellent plan, hun!

Indigo said...

Yeah..nitebyrd..that's exactly what I thought.. sod the world and every one who can't be arsed with me. Me and Cancer comes first Yipeeeeee!