Wednesday, 19 March 2008

One step forward, two steps back.

It can get pretty lonely out on the road when I'm running. A lot of people like to run with head phones and some crazy music filling their heads. I've come to the conclusion that this can't be safe! For instance what if some one was to come up behind them and jump them, they wouldn't hear them coming. I've actually tried running with the dreaded ear phones but my ears are of some awful creation, 'spock' ears I think so what ever variety of head gear, I find they fall out, resulting in my losing my temper, having to stop re-place them and carry repeating this damn process every so many hundreds of yards... thanks, but no thanks!! I find that when I do eventually get time to go running I can put the world to rights in my head. Some times I'll just watch the country side go by. Actually it's quite amazing how much of the country side I do see when on two feet. I think more people should ditch the car and either walk, run or cycle to work. We miss so much beauty when stuck in a petrol guzzling vehicle, we had feet way before the car was invented, we're spoilt! I love running. I've always had that wicked side to me, was always interested in sports at school, running, swimming, I can recall doing hurdles on sports day in hi school, tripped and fell full length on the track, was so embarrassing, for me anyway, everybody else laughed their heads off.. typical!
Any how, as I was saying, I live and breath running now, got the bug again, just need some sunshine to help me along. I went for a run last night after work, I couldn't get my breathing sorted, felt like I was going to faint, then realising I was going to fast, slowed down, problem solved. I some times forget I'm not competing for gold. Time will sort me out. Am planning on going for another run on Friday night, assuming the snow doesn't arrive, forecast for the weekend or so the weathermen say.. best get wrapped up then. I'll have to be careful or I'll be buying 'runners world' magazine's next.
I love the cold feeling when I'm first starting out, then when I get relaxed and in running mode, I can see the road ahead, keep my eye on the traffic. These people are a law unto themselves, not only do they not see runners, or motor bikers come to that, I should know as I ride one and on many occasion have almost been knocked off. I'd hate to be on a horse!! Fucking idiots motorists!!!! Peace and tranquility are the two most important ingredients to me and I find both of these when I'm treading the high ways and by ways of the country. Long may we reign..Watch out you fuckin morons in where you're going, it aint rocket science!!!!!!!!


nitebyrd said...

You sound very happy and think of all the calories you're burning!

It's scary out there for runners, walkers and bikers, so be careful!

Indigo said...

Thanks nitebyrd...Yeah am happy most of the time, lose it some times though.. n it aint pretty!I'm 6' tall n slim, I need to add the calories, but feel great when I'm all hot n sweaty!!