Saturday, 8 March 2008

Love at first sight

The darkness lifted when you entered the room.

I witnessed your every move, slick and smooth.

My eyes wide, my mouth..dry.. my heart skipped

as you collected your thoughts and scanned the room.

I looked away all fingers and thumbs, stumbling to find

what to say, nervous, excited, my nipples erect.

My legs felt heavy, Needing to speak, nothing to say.

Your gorgeous blue eyes and your golden hair. You

must be an angel in disguise...

The music rocks silently, my ears pricked for your voice

You take your place, I watch your face, your concentrating

so hard, I look away not wanting to be seen, wanting

to be seen. Thundering, pounding like waves crashing

pulse racing, I'm in love. I am here and you are there

Time for tea, time to relax, lying upside down on my back.

Limbs all numb, pins and kneedles in my bum..

God I'm hot, you are there and here, wanting to speak

full of fear, all fingers and thumbs.

I catch a glimpse of your eyes, bright and lush, I want

to kiss your mouth, hold you tight, make all this feel right.

Make love to you, lie next to you, feel the heat upon our flesh.

Embrace you, touch you, feel the heat between your legs.

Hold you for all eternity... time to go. I watch as you

collect your stuff, make for the door, I'm still stretched

flat out on the floor, muscles cramped, I wave goodbye, too

late you're gone. My heart sinks, as I return to my feet

the door swings open, you'd forgotten your coat, you smile

at me, my expression must have spoken a thousand words,

you say goodbye and I'm sold.

Can't sleep, can't eat I'm in love. Can't wait for next week.

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