Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Some where over the Rainbow..

I talked yesterday about a beautiful rainbow I'd seen on the way to work, and the wish I'd asked for.. well I can tell you now what that wish was...To be happy for the day and believe it or not it worked. Today however was a different story! No colourful rainbow... so how did I survive? Amazingly enough, pretty well. I did have an accident mid afternoon but that was partially my own fault, and when the bleeding had subsided and when the swelling has gone down I'll be fine. I do believe that with my belief in wishing that I had a good day yesterday and stayed happy throughout is true testament of knowing that this is what I strive for. And if the weather doesn't throw rainbows at me when I'm feeling glum then it doesn't really matter, I've proved to myself that I 'can' be happy.


nitebyrd said...

Some people are naturally happy. (Some days I'd like to smack them silly. LOL) Some people have to work on happy. Just like anything worth having, working for it makes you appreciate it more.

The rainbow is in your memory now, just pull it out when you need it.

Be careful! No more accidents. :)

Indigo said...

Yes I to get days when I just wanna kick the shit out of people who glow with happiness...Yeah you're right there nitebyrd, workin for anythin makes it worth fightin for. I'll do my best with the accidents, I'm just accident prone some days Lol