Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Vampire of Love

You were so wicked

You were divine

I loved what you gave to me

to make you mine.

And you were my babe,

cuz you were my love

And I was the lover for you above.

I took the pain with bones so fair

I had the universe reclining in my hair.

Just like your car, I was pleasing to hold,

I called you babe in our crimson and gold.

Your motivation was so sweet,

Your vibrations turned me to heat.

Girl.. I was just a vampire for your love.

Girl.. you just sucked me from your love.


nitebyrd said...

This one's a little evil. I LOVE it! Sometimes I feel that I want to just suck the life out of someone to see if it will change me.

Indigo said...

Yeah...I some times LURVE Evil! maybe you could suck the life out of me then I'd know if I were immortal or not. That would be wicked, wish I were a vampire sometimes.