Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Crimson and Gold..

Our love was so special.

My lover was unique.

She used to leave my arse

with her own personalized pink streaks!

Within my body the pain was healed

upon my skin the pain was sealed.

From sunrise to sunset

Our love was crimson gold.

For I would've laid down my life for her,

But this she was never told.

For I held her in my heart

My lost crimson gold....


nitebyrd said...

Oh, hun! This is so sad. Lovely but just so sad.

Indigo said...

Some how the pain won't go away, I try but it's persistent. I have to try real hard to ignore it.. it almost suffocates..

nitebyrd said...

My email is nitebyrds@yahoo.com. Talk, I'll listen.

Pain will never completely go away but you can dull it. Keep the optimistic pessimist alive, there's always something new to discover. That will lead you further away from the deep pain.