Friday, 14 January 2011


Red roses for my lover,
pierced skin, caught by
the door as I entered
in. It'd been raining
my hair was wet, you
leaned in to me, fingers
poised, pat on back..
'come now' you throw
a towel around my
shoulders.. rub my
hair dry. Stickin
up I nervously
brush aside my
fringe. Ripping
apart a band aid
flippin it over
my cut, it stings,
I gasp with
shuddered breath..
'now now it's not
that bad..' Blood
throbbin, 'think
it's too tight?'
You brush aside
my fringe, with
a reassuring kiss
on my forehead..
'you'll be alright'.
Fingers n thumbs
to remove my coat.
Fumbled pieces of
crumpled paper
shoved in
pocket of my coat.
Teasingly you
snatch it out
of my hands..
Jumping around
like a timid cat.
I sit myself
down.. sulking
with down turned
frown. You
mimic my temper
I sulk even
more. 'I wrote
you a poem, but
it's ruined now!'
Sit beside with
hand held right,
I take hold
with warming
delight. You
hand me the
poem all crumpled
and rough, I clear
my throat..gentle
cough. Silence
prevails, drum
Eager to please
hand held, finger
up..blood throbs
and with delicate
touch you take
me in your arms.
Roses are red
violets are blue,
I know I'm fallin
in love with you.
My finger did
hurt, my heart
is on fire..
I shall give
my all, you
are my desire.
Violets are blue
roses are red..
You pulled me
to standin
and led me
to your bed.



Now that's the spirit!

Indi said...

UBY ~ Spirit ? did some one mentions Spirit.. mine's a double please



Anonymous said...

And from the rooftop arose such a clatter, I sprung from my hard on to see what was the matter. ;)

Indi said...

BT ~ you been on the spirits too?