Wednesday, 5 January 2011


She's been off sick.
I've missed her smiley
face, her cheerful grin.
I had asked quite a few
folk when she was returnin
and what was wrong..replies
with muffled tongue.. the
don't actually knows..
I got a nice surprise
today, bending down
fighting with Henry's hose,
my hoover, don't you know.
'Hi how are you?' came
this I recog-
nised the sultry tones.
I almost jumped.. mouth
dry and with wondrous
surprise.. it was 'She'
my woman..the colour
purple draped around her
neck line like some
royal regalia..I
found myself starin
as she stood quite
still in front of
me.. I can't remember
how I must have looked
as I replied 'hey..
you, how are you?'
'How's your knee?'
Fully recovered I
see?!' My heart
became all of a
flutter..sweaty palms
temporary stutter
pulse raised..
this thumping
noise penetrate
with added pace.
She turned and
walked away. My eyes
followed like some
love struck teenager.
I can't remember
who was looking, I
didn't actually
care.. she's back.
(Jump for joy-
out the door,
out of any one's
view..) she's
back. In my world
of who's hot n
who's not.. she
hits my spot..
temperature rising,
when she enters the
room, butterflies
dancin, my stomach
overflowin with
ample nerves..
I can't wait for
tomorrow.. yeah
just another borin
day at the office,
but ya see in my
world.. in my bubble
she makes my heart
sing, my feet rock.
Given half the chance
I'd give her every-


red.neck chic said...

Indi - I love this!!! When I get to first see my Special someone after toooo long - for the first few minutes I just look at him and I can't think of anything to say... you kinda summed all of my feelings for me...

Now - get to work! LOL

Happy New Year Pretty Lady!

Indi said...

red.neck chic ~ Yeah that wuzzie feeling hits you like a rocket..
She was the one who asked me what my name was, what was she to call me? That was an interesting day, out of the blue.. she actually asked me my name! I thought nothin of it, what else was she going to call me?! My heart missed a beat that day, that was the start of this one sided love affair.. her eyes dazzle me, her mier presence aludes me.. I'm dumbstruck.. star struck.. but very amused that she chose me to talk to... I must be doing some thing write. Thank you *smiling*

If only it were that easy, I've had my heart dented before... so gotta tread carefully.


Happy New Year to you too my lovely