Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hard and fast

Today the sun shone low in the clouds
as I rode hard and fast around and
around. Traffic as ever in my face.
I rode my bike like a bastard..hard
and fast with uncontrollable heat.
Over taking with no due care nor
attention.. with no desire to
retreat. Corner after corner,
hills and dales, and forever
in my face the bastard sun
shone. To escape my weary
throne, the vibrations are
second to none. Slight with
grip, severed gravel, back
wheel slipping just ever so
slightly.. touch brakes, deep
intake of breath.. heart
skips several beats. Top lip
brushed with anticipation.
Black leather jeans squeak,
trapping the heat beneath
my seat..squeek...switch
weight second corner is..
imminent, sun ...low..eyes
squint. I like to ride like
a bastard, hard and fast..
grip not too tight..eyes
blink, sun just not in the
proper place, trees flicker
like strobe lights.. the
air becomes cooler these
winter nights. Bright lights,
tarmac heavily burdened with
late December salt. Cracks
in the surface, pot holes
scattered, sun in my eyes
not sure where, how certain.



I see your poetic flare has returned. :)

I love the line '..I rode my bike like a bastard..' well put!

But sun in the UL in winter and I am missing it?

Indi said...

UBS~ Ya think, I woke in a shitty mood, not the best of flavours to go riding but I sometimes find if I'm angry with the world or the fuckwits that frequent it, then I can at best concerntrate better.. yesterday I learnt how to terrify on coming traffic whilst ovwer taking at 99mph+ .... screaming a 'HEEEEEEYAH' under my helmet as I pass...kinda wickedness inside of me.. thrown in for good messure with some poetry ..thank you. I love the winter sun but not when ridin my m'bike.