Thursday, 7 October 2010

About Indi

OK so this post is different.
So I thought I'd tell you a
few things about
goes......hope you like!

1..My favourite hymn is Ave Maria.
(I can play it on the piano.)

2..I have a passion for purple..
(it is my protector.)

3..I am a great cook
(food is my passion.)

4..I love fresh sheets on
the bed, the smell of
red roses.

5..My favourite flower is
Freesias..white ones.

6..I adore anything to do
with motorbikes..

7..I love to be kissed
on the back of my neck.

8..I love the Paranormal.
Our house has a ghost.

9..I don't self harm anymore.

10..I love me... for once in
my life.

11..I love red wine. warmed.

12..I want to be seduced by
a woman, be given gifts
but not have an excuse
for them..

13..I love to walk in wet
grass with naked feet.

14..If I could have one wish?
What would I asked for..?

15..When I was little, my uncle
tried it on.. I've never
told anyone about it..till

16.. I like swimming in the

17..I can't stand liars.

18..My favourite country
is Canada..

19..I have a severe temper
but I keep it undercover.

20..I am allergic to housework
yeah right.. no really!

21..I am a fun loving fish.

22..I love smoked Salmon.

23..I have a crush on Spiky.
(but don't tell anyone ;)

24..I can play piano, guitar.

25..I love to eat pussie..
(doesn't happen much
these days!)

26..I have a new kitten.

27..I wish I could fly.

28..I don't trust reality.

29..I can write with both
hands AND with my feet.

30..I love the pain of
having tattoos.

31..I hate dental pain
(1 hour in the chair
today, £300 less in
my pocket.)

32..I would kill for my

33..I have very little

34..I don't care where
I live as long as
I have a roof over
my in my

35..I have loved many
women, broken only
one heart...mine!

36..I masturbate every
day %)..

38..I need to be loved
I have to feel

39..I love life.

40..Vanilla..I love

Night folks,
time for more



I enjoyd reading this insight into you Indi. I especially loved No 9. :)

The Savage said...

It's nice getting to know friends a little better....

Leah said...

Indi, thanks for sharing all that. It's lovely to know you a bit more now xxx

pleaseeatme said...

Hey Honey!

You sound like my kind a girl! Wish we lived closer!

Indi said...

UBS ~ This is just a part of me.. the rest is very interesting!! X rated.. now that would make an excellent bedtime read !!



Indi said...

Savvy ~ Oh yeah baby *wink*



Indi said...

Leah ~ Well I thought it was about time I shared some of me with ya all... ;)



Indi said...

Pleaseeatme ~ Mmmm I just love your blog photo...sexiliscious .. and oh so lickable!! Yes pity we don't live closer, we could have so much fun... and then some



Sunny said...

I like the insight. Thanks for sharing. ;)
We have a lot of similarities. Very interesting.


Indi said...

Sunny ~ I also have 8 tattoos, don't know if I mentioned that..are you a fish sign too?