Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shell Shocked

From the heart, shell shocked..rocked.
Coming up with salt in my eyes, waves
of emotion... feeling like suicide.
Anger impales my nerves..I have no
patients.. Pain lingers like the
dew on a leaf..suspended in time,
where's the real me? Have I died?
Weather's crap, it's rained all
day.. the car park attendant
insisted I pay. I sat, flask
in hand.. drenched .. cold.
CD stuck on my favourite
track... Lionel Richie,
how many millions he sold.
'Once, twice.. three times a'..
tears rattle down my face.
A car blasts his horn..
Blink ..sweet drops of
emotion dribble past
my lips, lick quick
salty taste of shattered
dreams...'And I love you.'


The Savage said...


Indi said...

Savvy ~ Wine? Am on my second...bottle



Spiky Zora Jones said...

indi put aside the wine and gather your heart. healing comes from inside sweetie. you are more than you think. You are stronger than you think.
lift your chin and show the world you're here to fight and here you'll stay. We tough girls know how to survive, huh baby?

Indi said...

Spiky ~ Oh yeah, well I've drank all the wibe, very yummy too. Have got a likin for brandy in my tea... guess that's gotta go too eh? I can't remember where I put my strength, had it then now...losin my memory too.......