Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Come to me

I shall no longer look for her.
If she is there she will find me.
If she wants me she must reach out.
I am waiting but in no hurry for
what is worth waiting for shall
come to me. I am in no rush..time
waits for no one... but for me I
have all the time in the world.
If she looks in my direction
I will hold her glance with ease.
I, on the other hand..will hold
hers... and her heart. Our love
will grow from this new
seed, our tears will give
strength to what we have
accomplished. If she is out
there, she will find me.
If she wants me I will wait
for her, we will find new
love. I will.. with all
my heart...Love you.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey; hehehe. I know you will honey. And when she finds you (this year) you will be very lucky but the luckiest wwill be her.

You are filled with so much passion and you love fully, never holding anything back. I love that about you sweetie.

this year will be wonderful for you and I might be sent there this year...or so the rumor is. we will see.


vixen kitten said...

This is so beautiful. I hope your heart finds her soon.

Warmest wishes for a new year filled with all your heart desires.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was a lesbian nown - or a woman - oh...

Happy Nude year to you!! Get lucky!

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ we some times dream beyond reality, but I have seen her in my dreams, she does exist and with open arms I will hold tightly my new woman... I do hope the rumor is true I 'so' want to meet you girl... I hope this have given me hope spiky...(((MWUAH))) BACKATCHYA :-*

Indigo said...

vixen kitten ~ thank you, she will be beautiful I know she's out there some where..Happy New Year to yo too sweetie xx

Indigo said...

mutleythedog ~ Oh beleive me if you were either female and or a lesbo your life would be sex sex sex....69 69 69 you still wanna wish?


I see you're back on form! :)

Happy New Year. I feel that this year is YOUR year, Indigo.

tattytiara said...

I just really really like the uncluttered way you have with expressing such beautiful ideas.

Shadow said...

may your wishes and desires be fulfilled this new year!

Indigo said...

UBS ~ I decided to pick myself up dust myself off & start all over again. Yeah babe 'I'm back!' I hope every one has a great 2010.. thanks hun xx

Indigo said...

taytiara ~ I just say it how it is.. fancy words work for some people but I prefer the simple approach. May your new year be what you want it to be .. thank you

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ And yours..thank you

thoughts said...

this is simply fabulous.

Indigo said...

thoughts ~ I'm happy you think so..thank you

JStar said...

Beautiful...I still dream of my "One"...I may have found him, just not sure yet...

Indigo said...

JStar ~ Oh I think you know you've found your 'one' .. go get him girl and have a wonderful life together.. we spend to much of life wondering..and when it arrives we stare in amazement, reach out. . take his hand, stare no more... aplaud, take him in your grasp and love him with all that you have

Anonymous said...

Nice. I know exactly what you mean. Happy New year. What the ell appened to your stem?

Indigo said...

Bam Trav ~ stem? ya mean my leg? Surgery...Xmas Eve for the whole day..not pleasant but neccesary.

Nadege said...

"what is worth waiting shall come
to me..." &" ...our tears will give
strength to what we have accomplished.

- walking in faith -

I adore this poem; written with
a tender hand, that is also

Indigo said...

Nadege ~ thank you for coming by my blog. It makes me happy that you like my poem. A tender hand? that sounds nice...confident? Some times :)