Friday, 20 November 2009

Finger's crossed.

Today I went for my 'Pre-Opp Assess.' I had the works. ECG, blood tests, MRSI tests, weight,height,BMI, a lot of medical questions. Have I had CJD? (mad cow disease) Mooooo..!! I told the nurse that I had a fear of sharp objects like hypodermic needles.. but she was great, I hardly felt the little 'prick' she mentioned. So while every body is counting down the remaining days until Christmas, I'm doing so but for obvious reasons... my operation. I've been advised that when I go for my procedure that I take a night bag. Then the news came that if they can't for some reason administer the 'Epidural' into my spine, 'Ooooooh' can't wait. I'll have to have a general anaesthetic, which means I might have to stay in over night!!
I don't think I fancy waking up on Christmas day in hospital! Although I wouldn't say no to a nice sexy nurse in a tight low cut dress, bed bath? Yeah... I guess I'm pushing my luck, but a girl can but dream eh?
I have a fear of hospitals. I hope that the operation goes well, they manage to freeze my leg, and I get home before lunch on Christmas Eve. But.. I'm looking forward to 5 days of doing absolutely 'Jack Shit' for the entirety.


Shadow said...

what operation are you going for??

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ I've waited 20 years for my left leg to be smooth and pain free... I have hidious varicose veins, not so long ago the doctor thought I had DVT so he sent me to A&E, fortunetly I hadn't got that, I had thrombophlebitis which is inflammation of the veins, not life threatening but f***ing painful none the less.. I'm having a new leg for Christmas Yay!!

phallatio said...

Fingers crossed for you, honey. x

Indigo said...

phallatio ~ Thank you, I won't be crossing my legs tho :-)