Saturday, 21 November 2009


M is for me.
A is for able
S is for sexual
T is for tonight
E is for ecstasy
R is for ready
B is for bound
A is for any time
T is for tender
I is for invitation
O is for Oblivion
N is for now....
now is the time to release the pent up anger in my soul.
Lying here upon this bed, unruly thoughts race through my
head. If I could be any one, I'd be her. She is different,
she is like the stars that twinkle in the sky... reaching
out for the one who knows... who knows how to feel.
As I lie here, my mind wonders. The silence of the night
haunts me. My head hurts, my heart aches... I ache.
I want to be touched, I want to be kissed. I beg to be
abused. My knees are weak. My eyes are stained. Blood rushes
through my veins. I am tied, chained like a wild animal..
scared. The door opens, I lift my head... Venus stands
before me. Silhouetted in the darkness. She shines, tears roll
down my face. Hold me, kiss me, love me. She kneels before
me, wipes away the tears. I shudder.. look on in abandonment.
My nipples are hard. I stare, I blink, then she is
gone. Searching, I scan the room. Panic stabs my complexion.
I sit up, turn around, she is behind me. She takes my face in
her hands, her lips slightly parted. I don't move, I can't.
Hypnotised by her eyes, we kiss. She tastes like heaven,
she feels like silk. I trace the out line of her face, pausing
at her mouth, her lips part, I insert one finger, she sucks..
soft at first then with fire. Pulling away, lying back on the
fresh cotton sheets, she rips my shirt off. I'm not wearing
a bra. My tits stand to attention. My jeans strain at the zipper.
With one hand on her neck I pull her to me once more, with the
other I yank at the fabric, sliding out, kicking them away.
Black satin thong, the musky scent of euphoria not yet born.
She runs her index finger down the length of my spine and
around to my belly. Beads of sweat trickle down my cleavage.
My hand quivers as I unbutton her blouse, each button...
an invitation to come dine. She tosses her head back, her
red hair like fire. Her pale skin and her red lips... flush.
She holds my arms above my head, ties me gently to the bed.
I don't struggle or panic for I know what is to be... she
lowers her head to my groin, slides a finger deep into my...
My legs pushed wide, I bite my lower lip, she's taken me with
her, to Oblivion and beyond. My heart aches no more, my clit
twinkles like the stars in the sky, for she is my universe,
my new star. Her tongue dances with my soul, I grind my loins
Euphoria is awake, the devil is knocking on my door...
I smile once more



Very sensual,and I see you are back on form, Indigo.

By why do people always associate red hair with the devil? :)

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Ya sayin ya got red hair UBS? I s that where ya get ya crziness from :-))))

Anonymous said...

You made it to your place. Peace.

Anonymous said...

love it,

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ yes, but I only have a day pass.

Indigo said...

Waynecoff ~ Thank you

Shadow said...

what's not to smile about here...

viemoira said...

Wow I feel as though I need a nice long masturbation session right now!

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ plenty, but it's short lived.. read it some more, I like it more each time....

Indigo said...

viemoira ~ Mmmmm I had one this morning ..!!

Enigma said...

Wow, that was heart breakingly beautiful and well... very, very sexy :)

Indigo said...

Enigma ~ 'WOW' thank you. I do try.;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm coming in, pants down.

Memphis Steve said...

I've never seen masterbation used poetically like that. Very impressive!

Indigo said...

Bama Trav ~ I got your attention then?

Indigo said...

Memphis Steve~ Death can be poetic, but I much prefer Masterbation, keeps the soul alive .. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am sending all of my prayers for you RIGHT NOW!


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ Thank you, I shall be saying quite a few of my own aswell. Best way is to think positive, although a few misguided thoughts may crop up.. fingers crossed eh? xx

Just telling it like it is said...

Now if I hadn't have sexual relations this morning and last night I might just need a cold shower!! Nice...wordage!

nitebyrd said...

You're rising, hun. And you're doing it so well.

Redheads rule! ;)

Indigo said...

Just telling it like it is ~ I like to get the words in the right order... some thing like Ooow... Arrrr... Mmmmmm...Yeah Yeah Yeah :-))))) thank you x

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ The pheonix is rising.. thank you... I think the best is yet to come.. well with my writing any way..

Spiky Zora Jones said...

indigo: Hi baby...I loved it and that wasn't the devil knocking at your door. It was meeee with naughty things on my mind. :)

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ hey babe ring the fuckin door bell next time I might hear you quicker ...Lol xxx