Wednesday, 29 February 2012


It's looking slightly better for us.

The solicitor explained today that

we have tenants rights.. we have

them by the balls so to speak.

So for now we stay put, we will

not be pushed out of here.. time

for us to ease up, relax some

what. The off spring will have

time to take breath, they can't

find anywhere n say they can't

afford anywhere, I have a two

man tent I can lend them.. but

it doesn't come with a cleaner

nor cook, they'll have to do

their own work when they

leave, but for now we can

all stay pretty much put..



nitebyrd said...

Great news! Well, except for the kids staying, too! LOL

Just telling it like it is said...

We slap the collisidora in the boor and tel them our most terrible assecidenc


I am pleased as punch that you went to a solicitor,something,no doubt, your landlord's /boss were hoping you'd not do.

Good for you!

Yep, love those Sitting Tenant Rights! Do you know sitting tenants devalue a property by as much as 50% of the value because they are so entrenched that no one can get them out ? In the modern days, landlord's /bosses ensure that such a tenancy does not flow from any agreement,but I reckoned that due to how long your hubs worked for them/lived there they had not taken due care back then to ensure you did not require such rights. To all intents and purposes, that should be your house until you BOTH die and even then could fishtail[ask solicitor about this] to your children for their lives.

As the value of the house is devalued due to your tenancy rights and they may want to 'buy you' out of your rights[this DOES happen Indi] find out from your lawyer what they are worth! You may be able to sell such rights for them to acquire their property free and clear but could make you a sizeable retirement nest[and if 50% of the value if lost,and you sold your rights for even 20-25 % of the market value of that BIG,BEAUTIFUL, EXPENSIVE house [LOL] I am thinking your rights may be worth over a hundred grand! Maybe it would be worth it to grab the money and run? but first you'd need to have even more 'bartering 'power by finding out if your tenancy went to your kids after your deaths too[ I am fairly confident that it would actually] which means maybe 50-60 or more years before they got thir property back , free and clear ! That woudl be reason to buy your rights[and people want top money for such rights as they are hard to acquire,impossible now].The Land ACt changed in 1998 specifically to prevent such rights from being acquired.


Also, do NOT undervalue the cash worth of your rights.

Your post has made my fucking week. I could HUG YOU!!!!!!
* I was worried you were going to mistake my advice as bossing you around[but I had a great deal of property dealings in the UK and for years had to study all the statutes and deal with lawyers about all this] so how could I stay mum? :)


* I may not have made it clear that the reason that a Sitting Tenant[which usually means lifelong and even acquired by next generation if they lived there too-as your children also acquired rights by living there,not just you and your husband] devalues property by as much as 50% is because NO ONE will buy a property if there are Sitting Tenants in it as they are impossible to move out.

You need to act fast though because your landlord will also see a solicitor . You need to find out all your rights, your kid's rights and the cash value if you want to sell your rights back to landlord. I would only do this if it was substantial enough to afford you to buy your own house out of it given how much market values have gone up. It is also a good time to buy in Britain with the housing market slump[ I doubt it has picked up in the year I left].

I hope that you're dealing with a property solicitor and not a general one as old laws that are now not in effect protect you and you need a specialist in this field.

When we sold out farm, I was 3 rd generation there so I had to sell my rights to the new owner even though the farm had passed from my granddad's name to my mum's on the deed. Due to the snowstorm of 2010 we could not get out on closing date and their solicitor was very worried that I was going to decide NOT to leave. Had I done so, because they could not have ever made me for my lifetime.

I had acquired those rights having been [obviously] related to my granddad and only having lived there 13 years.

Keep us posted on what happens.