Friday, 24 February 2012


Home is where the heart is right?

This is where I moved to at the young

age of 22, newly married, with the

thought of living here forever.

This building is over 300 years

old, it has so much character.

Wet rot, dry rot, walls that

aren't straight, decorating

can and has been a nightmare

but that's old properties for

you. My hubby has lived here

for 44 years.. It's going to be

a heart wrenching experience

when we eventually have to move. Don't they say that moving house and divorce

are the two elements that really test your heart strings and nervous system?

I've haven't moved anywhere since getting married, this has been my home

since that special day 29 years ago come September 3rd 1983. I am soon to

re live that when we have to sell half our furniture and down size to our

soon to be new home/rented accommodation. I shall miss the black n white

solid oak beams that support this house, they are a pain to paint... where

we are moving to has very little garden... but it is right next door to a wooded

area. Peace and tranquility is what I'm looking forward to. The fact that the

pain in the arse of a so called neighbour we have in this house who finds it

nothing out of the ordinary to start up his tractor and work at strange hours

of the night... I will not miss him at all. We might be lucky enough to have

deer on our back garden when we move. Also I have to talk to my daughter

at some point/soon, very soon as she is under the assumption that

she is moving in with us......'NOT and NEVER going to HAPPEN!' My very

best of friends has offered to rent her spare room out to her. Put it this way,

that is her only option, she's not in a position to turn it down. So I'm in a

better frame of mind now. My hubby is a lot happier, well we've gone from

his boss tellin him he's got to retire and the worry of losing the roof over

our heads. I think we shall have a big furniture sale, make a visit to the

antique auction rooms and do some car boots + hire a skip. Life's never

what you expect is it. Oh yeah, I also have to sell my piano as we can't

find space for it, I've had it since I was 9. That I will need tissues for!


nitebyrd said...

Indi, perhaps it will be a really good thing for you and your husband to move. Like having a fresh start - new and exciting things to think about and experience.

Could you store your piano or maybe find a friend that can keep it for you? You could sell ALL your furniture and make the spare room a music room! Keep the piano and let your daughter take the friends room.

Sending you some good thoughts, beautiful!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ I told my daugther this morning that neither her or her brother are coming with us... that's when the name calling started! She was the sole reason I went on to anti depressants in the first place, I'm almost out of the woods on that one, I don't want a repeat performance.. she now wonders where my mothering skills have gone too, or did they ever exist? They can rip your heart apart with insults till they want some thing else!! I'm not giving in. xx


KrippledWarrior said...

Actually Dear, I believe it is divorce and death of a loved one that are the 2 top stressors in life. I actually enjoyed all of the moves I have made during my life. And congrats on 29 years of marriage.

Indi said...

KP ~ Yes you are right on those... I am still the mother and still the wife but I also intend on keeping my sanity ;) thank you



tattytiara said...

So often the hardest things to change create the best fresh starts. Here's to this being one of those! And to deer being in the garden.

Indi said...

tattytiara ~ hello ;) yeah I'm now putting all my focus on the next stage... colours fr the walls, bare floor boards suttle lighting... thank you