Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Celebrations ...yay !!

My god how times flies.

Another year older yet

not so much wise..

I've seen so many

things in my life.

My love for my

husband grows

and multiplies.,

ten fold. As we

get to that place

where daffodils

smile and reach

for the sky.. I

take a breath

and realise how

wonder my life

is. How I've grown

to endure what

ever life chucks

at me, I've no doubt

been here before.

I've taken a new route

realising that a change

scenery would do me

some good. Tomorrow

I will be '51' smiling

on the inside and

and for once on the

outside too. I got

there, to the

bright golden haze in

the meadow.. happy

I am and Happy

Birthday to me I

shall be tomorrow.



Leah said...

Happy birthday Indi. May the future bring you even more happiness and contentment xxx

Indi said...

Leah ~ thank you I had a lovely day... still waitin for my son to wish me happy birthday, and that was yesterday!! BTW he's 24!! Not sure he'll make it to 25 the way he's going!! Any how.. I'm getting there. Had a lovely fast day out with my other half on our motor bikes... just what I needed to blow away my cobwebs



Just telling it like it is said...

Happy Birthday beautiful...You will endure like a Spartan woman standing aside her husband...You'll come home on your shield or on it! Kiss Kiss

Indi said...

Just telling it like it is ~ Ya reckon eh? I like Spartans, they fight to the kill...thank you, I had a lovely day out yesterday. Motorbikes n fresh air does wonders for the mind.




Happy Birthday,darling Indi!!!

I am so happy that you've finally found contentment. :)

Indi said...

UBS ~ thank you ;)