Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Words exchanged, feelings raw.
sitting awkwardly..thinking I've
so been here before. Knots in
my stomach..mouth kind of dry.
To think that just two weeks
ago I'd have given anything
to die. Brought out the
weapons of mass destruction
last night, and without a
stiff drink I quite calm
started to calve my way out.
Steady as she goes, first
cut is the deepest, the rest
come with ease. To be asked
if I was happy... blank
expression, is there such
a thing? I want to find
my inner peace, to be calm.
When I have found that I
think I will have reached
my goal. It's a long journey
it's going to take all my
strength and then some more.
I have to be happy with me
then the rest should fall
into place... but until
that day, I shall remain
without a true smile
upon my face. My feelings
are raw, cut wide open..
like I mentioned earlier..
I've been here before.


nitebyrd said...

You'll find that peace and realize just how wonderful you are. I know it.

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ Peace is all I crave... without it I am not complete