Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Sitting in the waiting room,
bells ring, children play
with toys collected in the
corner.. clanking about
not a care in the world.
I sat for what felt like
an eternity there..face
sore, eyes dried from
every angle I've cried.
Eyelashes stick, energy
levels low.. my name is
called I have to go.
Tap on the door, I enter
in.. I'm here to say
what I'm not feeling..
Sitting on this lonely
chair.. shaking. Crumpled
paper tissue in hand. Step
one to say what is wrong..
or what isn't right. My eyes
blurred, tears imminent..
blinking with waves of
emotion.. why do we
apologise? 'Sorry,'
I blurt out, hand shake
time for time out.
Form to fill in..
can't see my eyes
out of focus 'Sorry,'
I whisper, not wantin
to shout. She reads
the questions for me,
I nod my head, she
ticks the boxes..
'Ar yes..' you have
depression.. is it
all in my head?
I'm now the proud
owner of these
tablets...just one
a day.. bummer is..
alcohol.. I have to
leave it out!!!!!!!
Back to work, not a
good one at that.
Everything I've
touched has either
broken or not worked.
I walk around tryin
not to get eye contact
which isn't easy where
I work, too many prying
eyes... wantin to know
why I look like I've
cried. Eyes to the
floor, door opens, I
blink some more. I'm
fed up of people askin
me am I alright? Yeah
I know they're concerned
but I just want to be l
left alone. Hugs from
the guys.. keep ya chin
up it'll be alright.
I couldn't wait to
get home.. I hope I
feel better soon,
I miss my sunshine!


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nitebyrd said...

Remember, love - you have friends in the darkness. (((hugs))) I'll be quiet and listen.


Depression is a horrible illness,but the anti-depressants will make you feel like a new person in no time.

The Savage said...

Hugs and kisses