Thursday, 7 July 2011


The instant ring, that
punctual sting as the
phone rang, I raced
through the hall,
slipped sideways
hittin my elbow
on a half closed
wooden door.
'Hello?' I replied,
to the rapturous
sigh of that
frail man on
the other end
of the line.
'Hi love..'
came the reply
followed by my
exhausted sigh,
tears rolling
down my face.
My heart's
been in a whirl.
Hawk eyes on
the house phone,
willing it to
ring, and
it did.. with
my Dad at the
end, his voice
shaky, his palette
dry... once again
I started to cry.


Rex Venom said...

Sad magic
Rock on

Indi said...

Rex Venom ~ let him who hath understanding...reckon the number of the beast.... for it is a human number....