Friday, 15 July 2011


Well my lovely wonderful audience out there in blog sphere..
I have been awake since 5 a.m.. done me a lazy 8 hour shift.
Gave a chunk of money to the collection for my friend who
died on Monday... the funeral is next Friday... I will be
thinking of her as I will be in Canada fighting off the
mosquito's and having fun with my extended family...I
can't wait. I have got three weeks off now.. out with
friends tomorrow night.. collect my new motorbike also
tomorrow... I have decided on new name for
guessing you want to know what I have decided upon?
I shall be shutting up shop here for the next couple
of weeks... time out is what I need to get back into
step with reality.. I need to re-charge my batteries.
Slow down and take a breath. I may have some more
amazing poetry for you when I come back..then again
I may not have anything exciting to write. I have it
all planned from now until I fly on Wednesday.. My dad
is gettin better by the day, he will get stronger, his
appetite is improving, his wound is weeping but this
was to be expected. The important matter is he is out
of danger and no longer in pain... the rest will follow
with the capable hands of my Mum who is an excellent
cook.. but I worry about them both because they are
both diabetic... and they worry about me because I
ride a badassmotherfucker of a (soontobenew) motorbike!
I never swear in front of my parents... just hope they
never find out... but hey we all gotta have some secrets



And the basassmotherfucking bike's name is......?

Indi said...

UBS ~ Aha good morning my dear how are you? The name is ..........

Watch this space ...