Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where to now?

OK so I don't wanna kick any one's ass.
I'm still not sure where I'm actually at.
Should I stay or should I leave, do I
still wear my heart on my sleeve?
I have no words to describe how I
feel right now.. but numb springs
to mind. Running scared, that's
what I think I excuses,
no reason why.. maybe it's my
age.. god knows I could cry.
Last week I had 7 needles
plunged into my skin ...
twenty minutes later..
went shopping! I have
to admit it didn't hurt.
I have to go for more
of this... just to be
sure. My chest hasn't
stopped hurtin, if's worse!
I used to be a nicotine
addict, god knows how
often I've tried.. failed
beet myself up, weak..
no praise there. I had
my last 'fag' last
Friday.. so far so
good, but it's early
days. I'm really quite
concerned, this pain
in my chest and why
it hurts.. I still
have no words to
speak... see how
I feel ..........
.next week.....!


Red Shoes said...

Hey you... if it will make you feel any better... I will share my age with you!! Then I assure you that you will feel better!!! :oD

Seriously though... things will be ok... *huggles*


Indi said...

RS ~ What year were you born?


nitebyrd said...

Take care of yourself, Indi. If the needles are helping then go again. (((gentle HUGS)))

I'm very proud of you for quitting smoking. I need to be that determined.

Indi said...

Nitebyrd ~ Life sucks at the moment, I have another appointment for more needles...Hm what Joy!



Spiky Zora Jones said...

what has your doctor said of the pain in your chest? If nothing...keep at him. there is a reason for pain...make sure y9outake care of it.

good for you babe. No smoking since last Friday...that is awesome. I very proud of you. ;)

later baby. (((MWUAH)))

Indi said...

Spiky ~ The physio said it was muscle in between my ribs that were damaged.! I now find that when I breathe it hurts more, so as you can imagine that is why I've given up smoking !! I think I've frightened myself into thinking it's killing me ... literally! I'm going back docs hopefully today... should I be able to get it, failing that next week. Thanks



red.neck chic said...


I owe you an apology - you complimented me on my test blog and I didn't discover it 'til yesterday! Thank You! ;-D

I've been reading some of your previous posts - and I'm so sorry you are in such pain. My thoughts are with you while you're at the doctor's today... and I'm sending you big Texas-sized hugs.

My normal "fix it" is duct tape - I can send you some... it will at least get a "giggle" out of you - I promise! ;-D

Take care of you...

Indi said...

red.neck chic ~ I like what you do for a living, I can imagine the articles you find and what history they come with, who''shearts they've touched and then you pass them on to new owners.. I like that idea. I stayed in Houston Texas when I wwas 16.. loved every minute of it. Any way... I shall be back to check out your blog ;) Duct tape eh? I could have loadsafun with that idea ! A kinda torture .. leg waxing for men? Thank you for coming by