Sunday, 7 November 2010


Last Friday I went to see a friend who I've known for many years.
Well I actually help her with a few jobs around the house, being
of the age where upon she isn't as agile as she once was...
The house is old, with many wooden floors throughout..
A farm house.. thus being many items of brass and copper
articles needing polishing. We had run out of the polish
we normally use. With one phone call to her son, he managed
to get hold of a can.. on his return . presenting it to his
mum. I used to love the smell of 'Brasso' the polish made
for copper and brass. I screwed the top off and holding
it closer than I should've to my nose.. I inhaled.
My god if I had had hindsight, I would not have even taken
the bloody top off.. let alone sniffed it. The feeling
as it travelled up the lining of my nasal passages... left
me feeling very heady. AND ... all of about 3 minutes
later, my vision disappeared... funny coloured lights appeared
ziggy zaggy across my vision. Yes, I was experiencing a 'Migraine
headache' my first in 20 years.. having avoided the three main
ingredients for so many years.. chocolate, coffee, cheese.
Then I do this stupid trick. Two pain killers a dark room and
complete silence, half an hour later and I'm able to drive
home.. straight to bed... 14 hours later. I survived.
I don't know if any of you have ever had one of these hideous
headaches... it leaves you feeling shell shocked, fragile..
dazed... down right bloody awful. So no more inhaling
liquids that once tickled my senses... I later looked
on the reverse of the can...wait for it..'Hazardous
to the environment!' I rest my case!


Sunny said...

Oh no. Sucky lesson to learn when you'd thought you had it all down pat.

I get migranes but I'm a lucky one. I get the aura's...loosing my vision partially and feeling slightly nauseous first. If I take a cocktail of these drugs really quick.... Tylenol/Excedrin Migrain/Aleve, I can head it off. I still sleep and feel out of sorts for a bit but I avoid the mind crushing pain.

Feel betters hun.


Indi said...

Sunny ~ I knew a lady once who had the vile vometing and toilet part at the same time, she'd eventually pass out! In Agony I'd heard... so I'm guessin my little ut burst was minor in comparison..thanks *winks*



The Savage said...

Never had a migraine... bad head aches due to a concussion yes.. migraine no...

Indi said...

Savvy ~ count ya blessings my friend.. you are very lucky never to have experienced one I can tell you... Hey it's a pity we can't download these ghaslty headached to the Afghans... may be then they would surrender their arms.?



nitebyrd said...

OH! Gods! Migraines are the WORST thing EVER!

Poor Indi! No more Brasso for you!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ most definately not!!