Thursday, 4 November 2010


The conversation turned.
Is there anyone you like?
I grinned whilst dancin
out of the room. Distant
laughter lingered in the
air. I ran back in with
a smile on my face....
trying not to smile to
much. 'Go on then who
is she?' 'SHE?' I asked
Yeah you know the one
you have been in love
with for so long. Ya
mean it's that obvious?
'Go on then......'
'what?' I felt the heat
rise from my chin to
the top of my head.
They weren't givin
in until I told them.
Lynn seemed to think
her gaydar was pretty
good.. I can normally
tell who is or maybes
is or might be!!
For once in my life
I was gobsmacked..
yeah ME, QUIET!! That's
a first.. I hardly ever
shut up and when I do..
they think I'm sad.
'You can't tell anyone,
you mustn't say a word
I can't have her
lookin at me and
wondering.. had
she heard I wanted she really
So what? You
have to tell us,
we won't give up
until you do..
'smiling' OK! OK!
Her name is Carol,
they look at me
blank. Carol..
you know, the black
nurse.. then I think
maybe I'd gone to
far. The penny
dropped, they'd
figured it out.
Lynn wasn't sure
at first if
she was in or
out!! Blushing
now subsiding..
the heat has
died down. Cross
your heart and
hope to die..
'Die?' Yeah you
mustn't say a
word... If she
ever found out,
that I wanted
her, I'd die!
So for now I'm
sitting safe
and watchin
from a far,
I'm not gettin
my hopes up..
there's time
for that later.
And of for some
reason she
isn't battin
for my team,
then I have
nothing yet
lost. ;)..


The Savage said...

I've two word for you, my dear Indi...
Get some.

Indi said...

Savvy ~ That be my plan ;)



Spiky Zora Jones said...

indi: well...I see you plan on seducing her and taking full advantage of'll be sex all night and on to the light of day, huh?

*thumbs up*

that a girl. :)

Indi said...

Spiky ~ Yeah somefin like that !
;)))).. I always said I wouldn't fall for another member of staff, but I just can't seem to help myself... I am rather greedy, cuz I have my eyes another female there too.. just kepin my options open *wink*