Monday, 1 November 2010

Laugh ............ please?

Saturday was funny. The weather was good for a bike ride, I excelled my speed ability. Third gear and 'wo....' 100 mph. It's strange but fast as I am travelling, it feels like I'm hardly moving! I'd grabbed a cup of tea from mucky D's. (MacDonald's) took a seat on the openly graffiti wooden benches.. next to a couple of young lasses. They were strokin a Staffy (dog). Apparently some guy had asked them if they'd look after him whilst he went into a shop. They agreed. The dog looked old, grey whiskers!! We told her we'd look after the dog and await for his master to return. In the meantime several people wanders by giving their approval with added
'Aw's' and 'ooooows!' Smilin at us as though we'd (in full bike gear) were the proud owners of this magnificent pooch! (like we were on bikes??!) One young kid ( roughly 7 or 8 ) came round the corner wearin plastic fangs and growling at the dog, who did't bat an eye lid or shake a hair, unbeturd by the lads behaviour. I looked at the boy and said 'Nice teeth son, where'd ya get the mask?' He looked on in shock at me... he wasn't wearing a mask!! Unfortunately his mother wasn't either ( god, she was one ugly bitch!!). We eventually met the dog's owner. A man who lived on a canal boat. His faithful dog was called 'Cam' who adored being centre of attention, but no one could comfort him while his owner was absent. The disturbing noise the animal made was quite weird.. like a quivering noise, his lips shakin, bless him, his daddy was on his way. We had no idea what his owner looked like but we knew Cam would now. Animals are so clever like that. Saturday was a day for ridin my bike. I saw many bikes out. We do celebrate Halloween. It originated from Ireland. Where upon they used to use turnips, hollow them out as you do pumpkins. Halloween represented the end of summer and the beginning of winter, the fine line between the both, the Irish believed they could see and hear the dead who hadn't quite made it to the other side. Just a snippet of information for you all.. eventually pumpkins were brought in. Thus the market for these amazin versatile vegetables were introduced.. 'Wallah!'


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Indi said...

Teuvo Vehkalahti ~ Thank you . I will be a long shortly. ;)