Saturday, 28 July 2012


Yesterday I saved a life.
I gave a pint of blood.
Today I saved a life..
tiny black long haired
kitten, who had lost it's
mummy. Skinny n cold
not very old. Long
haired adorable little
kitty.. blue eyes too.
Jet we have named him
due to the colour of
the fur, I say 'he'
because he/she is too
young to decide
what sex it is..
We now have two
dogs, two cats,
two bikes-push,
two motorbikes-
rush. A car -mine
a bright green van-
his. Family now


red.neck chic said...

you DID save a life with your blood... and as a recipient of blood - I THANK YOU!!! how cool would it be if your blood kept me alive?

i know... i'm so weird.

congratulations on the new kitty!!!! sounds like you now have a house full... and a drive-way full! LOL

thank you pretty lady...

Indi said...

red.neck chic - the saying goes that if you give blood you're saving a life.


Red Shoes said...

I donate blood every eight weeks, or as I can... busy schedule some times gets in the way...

I've read that one donation can save up to three lives... not sure how they figure that.

Congratulations for the blood donation...


Indi said...

Red Shoes - Nice to see you again, I've been so busy what with the house move, funerals and life in general. Gosh...3 lives eh? stunning information. So if you happen to be unfortunate enough needing all the pint, some one says NO we have to give the rest of the pint to two others? Any how it is good to give. I gave what life the kitten could digest.